The 2nd DSS is a DSS3-blue in rare condition. It has the same origin.

Again it was a huge dataset consisting of base64-code which yielded the same image:

Although the image looks the same, it has different numbers that are hidden behind it. After converting them to text, they translate to this message:

Welcome, Operative { }
Welcome to our newest members, 106 and 22. Please see current projects for your assignments, we trust you will be able to handle these with ease.
You’ve made the right decision, joining the TEC. We will guide humanity through TRI to our great and glorious future.
Carpe Diem.

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Let’s start with this DSS2-blue in rare condition. It is said it has been found at a deep-space station.

It was a huge dataset consisting of base64-code which yielded this image:

I was suspicious as Jalil once found another DSS that contained the same image (see

Last time it was a disguise that hide another image. This time lots of decimal numbers were hidden within the image. After converting them to text, we finally get this message:

by Jezaret Nolynn

AMAN HOOK/QUANTAR CORE (TRI-FP) – Yesterday evening, Dr. Q’son of the Research Board piloted her ship towards the anomaly in Aman Hook, for reasons unknown.
According to spork, the last pilot to speak with the scientist before her disappearance, Dr. Q’son messaged him just prior to the attempt asking him to keep an eye out for her return.

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Jalil Aq’tamm was a great explorer of our time. His extensive work on recovering ancient DSS resulted in a series of major discoveries you can find here on the PLOG. Not only was he a partner I frequently worked with, but he became a good friend over time.

Sadly he had an accident in deep space he never recovered from. He lost his last fight on 120.7.13 and retreated to the arms of Hamalzah.

But he knew he was living dangerously as he has made some powerful enemies over the last few years. So he has settled his affairs early on in case something should happen to him.

Jalil was not a rich man. But he left me some DSS combined with the wish to continue sharing the DSS information with all like he did all the years.

And he mentioned a puzzle that he has spent a large piece of his life trying to solve: the search for the Ring of Life.

I will follow his wish and post the decrypted content of all DSS here on the PLOG in separate threads. I hope we can try to solve this puzzle using some kind of group-brain approach and get behind that secret…

After a last-minute announcement there were finally 3 participants who joined the mining race on Sunday.

The pilots who addressed themselves to this task were clanlord, Boelling and Hammer. They all met at QC at 18:00 UTC on Sunday to collect 50 units of each ore type in a tow within 2 hours.

What at first seemed to be an easy exercise turned out to be a tough challenge. Every pilot was struggling to mine enough ore of a certain type – especially Precious Metals proved to be a problem.

Short before deadline, pilot clanlord returned to QC sector to deliver all required ore types in time. He finished 1st place and had a 1st pick from the arti-prize-pool. He chose a set of EB-3-2-1.

5 minutes later pilots Boelling and Hammer returned – both lacking some type of ore. Hammer returned with 216 units for 2nd place. Boelling delivered 165 units which earned him 3rd place. He chose a PCS-2 for his efforts.

In summary:
1st place: clanlord (250 units) – receiving a set of EB-3-2-1 and a cesium medal
2nd place: Hammer (216 units) – receiving a platinum medal
3rd place: Boelling (165 units) – receiving a PCS-2 and an antimony medal

All runners agreed that it was a fun event where the factional advantages/disadvantages didn’t really matter. But for future repeats either the time frame should be extended or the ore-requirements should be reduced.

Since the Quantar leaders decided that this year’s Miners’ Days holiday will focus on its roots, I will be sponsoring a special race on Sunday – the Miners’ Days Mining Race. A minimum of 3 participants is required.

Here are the rules:

Time: Sunday 120.9.6, 18:00 to 20:00 UTC
Please arrive 10 minutes prior so all preparations can be done in time).
Ship: Tow with empty cargo, free choice of equipment
Start: QC station, docking beacon (ship will be scanned for empty cargo)
Finish: QC station, docking beacon (ship will be scanned for collected ore)
Burglaring: not allowed
deadline: 2 hours after start

– Mine 50 units of each ore type (common, radio, precious, semifluxors, ice) and arrive at the finish with all ore types in cargo within 2 hours.
– Quantar pilots have to mine 53 units each as they have slight advantages in mining speed and ship speed.
– Selling ore for strategic reasons during the event is allowed (but doesn’t count).

Winner is who arrives at the docking beacon first with the required amount of all ores in cargo. Therefore the ship will be scanned at the docking beacon.

If no one gets the required ore in 2 hours:
Winner is who collects most ore (only 50 units per ore type count regardless of faction) and arrives at the docking beacon WITHIN 2 hours (deadline).

Pilots not returning in time will receive a penalty of 5 units per minute!

There will be a prize-pool with the following artifacts:
set of EB-3/2/1
set of PCE-3’s
set of PCE-5’s

Winner has 1st choice, then 2nd place and 3rd place.

With great sadness I have to say I could not attend Jalil’s Funeral Ceremony today due to unexpected last-minute duties.

I asked the Office of the Tahirs to read out a short eulogy, but they did not get my message in time. It’s nothing special, but personal so I share it here:


Shalim, Masaafirah!

We have come together today to farewell Jalil Aq’tamm – a great explorer of our time. He was a master in his profession of recovering ancient DSS and has made a series of major discoveries. His hunger for furthering our knowledge was unparalleled. Sadly this was also the course for his tragic accident in deep space where he never recovered from.

To me Jalil was a frequent partner to work with and became a friend. I will never miss you brother!

My condolences to his family and friends!

Hppeczf nz gsjfoe – nbz Ibnbmabi xfmdpnf zpv up ijt ljohepn pg ifbwfo!

Prosthetics – Contraband

Prosthetics are bio-mechanical devices developed to replace damaged limbs, organs and other body parts. Hyperial perfected the development and production of highly specialized Prosthetics decades ago and was the only production source. After years of lobbying and protests — primarily by Quantar — Prosthetics exports from Hyperial were outlawed by the Factions in 107.2 after evidence was unearthed that the Prosthetics included organic tissue of questionable origin.

According to UUNN Prosthetics vanished from the open market since Hyperial stopped production in 107, after TRI outlawed exports from there. The first report about a smuggler transporting Prosthetics and beeing caught by TRI-SEC was announced at 118.1.3, more then ten years later.

Ares Kiden asked What’s Going on With Prosthetics?in The (Unregulated) Update

“I don’t understand what is going on with Prosthetics.  They were declared contraband years ago, but there is still a black market for some reason and my sources tell me they are selling for over 4.2 million credits to the right buyers.  Who is buying these and why?”

Posted by UUNN on
Vol. III, No. 3 – by Ares Kiden

Solder Ronin, Commandant of TRI-SEC made the following statement, after a smuggler died avoiding capture:

“Prosthetics activity seems to be on the rise again — especially out of Lothars, prices have skyrocketed and these smugglers are willing to take big risks for big profits.  But it won’t be worth it.  We will catch them.”

Posted by UUNN on
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Rise more – or die

Everything started with the following news at UUNN:

“Challenger Enters Race for Mayor of Barnard”

Posted by UUNN on
UUNN Newswire
(Hyperial Station) In a somewhat surprising late development, Berl Rismore, formerly a Senior Project Director at Samsun Universal, has decided to throw his hat into the ring as a candidate for Mayor of Barnard in the upcoming election to be held on 118.4.1.
Rismore recently became a member of The Directorate when he was chosen to assume the seat for his recently-deceased father.  His decision to challenge Dr. Elin Araad, who had been running unopposed, has caused a political stir.  He has launched his campaign using non-traditional media that breaks with Hyperial tradition in keeping all political debate private to Hyperial.
With little experience and almost no political capital, Rismore is not expected to pose much of a challenge to the incumbent.
Berl Rismore R.I.P.
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TRI 120.5.21 – Aman Gate – sporksfoons – for immediate release

The tournaments organized by E.R.I. in the last weeks made some headlines and involved pilots from different factions. It was a positive sign and a new approach to give pilots the possibilty to compete in real space under real conditions, incomparable to events in the simulator.

The following informations, a leaked medical report and a hint by an unnamed source, makes the activities in sector The Dark suspicious.

TRI 120.5.13 – Leaked Medical Report – signed by – X. Scaggwhistle


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Eye of Roh HQ (Tesrend’s place)

It was a very quick tour today. I didn’t have a lot of time so I decided to grab the freighter from Eye of Roh HQ and head to Ring View to see what was in the ore depot.

As it turned out a freighter was overkill. There was just 267 units of common or for me to pick up. It was an easy run except for the armor storm — which didn’t erode my tough armor but did make it tough to see.

The ore delivery actually finished up a Skill Star for me. Then a made  a few extra credits running Titanium from Depot to QC.  Then back to Eye of Roh to get my Phoon.  So not a complete waste of time.