Quantar Tripoint

A very quiet night.  I had stayed at Klatcsches Hold for the last few days, so my cruise began there.  I tuned from KH to QC — and from there down to Depot, taking military missions since, in a moment of weakness, I decided to take a tour of duty.  Ran a few Courier missions from Depot to Tripoint.

It looks like there was some Conflux activity recently, with infestations of the Ring View/Connex gate, and the Primus Point/Outpost.  I briefly considered going to get a bomber and work on the RV infest … but just didn’t feel like doing that much more flying.

Maybe tomorrow.

I have come to find that with DSS decryptions, each Line and each Letter can be critically important.

A small misstep at any phase can be the difference between a data recovery being successful — and being a failure.  I have tried to drill this into my new staff, but I fear that when you approach data recovery and decryption as a job rather than as a passion, results can be very different.

I started my duty today doing the usual patrol in Quantar space with beacon-tuning and flux-killing. When I finished the area around Corridor Station I headed to Tripoint to take a new mission and do a refuel/rearm.

Then I took the route to Quantar Core station via Ring View when I suddenly noticed 3 pink markers on the map around sector The Connexion. Shortly after I finished my beacon-patrol I took a look at the map. The markers had been gone and all gates of the sector “The Connexion” had been infested – to Ring View, The Stith and The Light Crossroads.

I headed to my POS in Outer Roh Cloud and changed to freigther, equipped it with 2 nukes and put 25 nukes to cargo as a reserve – who knows how resilient the infests will be…

After arriving in sector Ring View, I asked for support in doing bombing runs. Then Prof. Athena ShaiDen told me on public channels that she wanted to scan the infestation exactly at the moment the nukes hit it. The scanning was done on the other side of the jumpgate in sector The Connexion.

The first scans did not yield noticable results as the infestation seemed to be very tough. But with every pair of nukes reaching their target the infest got weaker and weaker and the scans became promising. Before the infest was finally blowed after 18 nukes, Prof ShaiDen flew her ranger only a few meters to the gate and scanned the infest exactly at the moment when it broke down. After the gate was cleared she immediately headed to her labs in Sol Cornea to analyse the scans.

As The Connexion was now reachable again, I loaded my freighter with another 50 nukes to get rid of the other 2 remaining infests to sectors The Stith and The Light Crossroads. Fortunately I found a public POS where I could reload my missile launcher after every run. Each infest was begging for 18 nukes as well before the fireworks could begin.

After that I switched on the auto-pilot back to my POS and reached for a pair of Quanus Ice to calm down a bit. I hope Prof. ShaiDen will be able to find some new results.

Quantar Depot

I spent my duty time today running the current Quantar Mission, which calls for a patrol of GVB, Main Gate, Reaches and Outer Cloud.  The mission station is Quantar Depot, which makes this pretty tedious duty, but I tuned beacons along the way and tuned the rest of Hyperial on the first run — and the payout is decent — especially the Exp payout.

I am packing the last things from my lab in Tripoint.  A melancholy score plays in my head as I look out at my home for these last few years with beautiful, lush Kapenja as its backdrop. Its docking rings like welcoming, protecting arms.

I have a hollow feeling at the pit of my stomach and can’t help but wonder if I’m doing the right thing.  Truth be told, I was a squatter here.  But it was home.  It was a refuge during some scary times, and it was a place of jubilation and triumph as we were able to shine at least a dim light into some distant fragments of history.

A random DSS started my journey back in late 114.  I was just an engineer working on a project I’d been given.  DSS were not something I — and many others — had given much thought to.  But since then, they have become my life.

Along with my constant colleague, Hammer-BS, we have uncovered so much in a very short time.  We found an ancient piece of Amananth history.  We found a ship’s log from Enkido Kahn — one of the Thrice Seven that we dated to just two months before he discovered Amananth, and another one that had an actual image from the first days on Amananth station.  We found another image of an early manuscript of the First Book of Hamalzah.  We recovered an audio recording from a pre-collapse Solrain ship, doomed with some sort of virus, as it struggled to return home.

And those were just a few.

Sadly, I’m not sure many others were as interested in the work Hammer and I were doing — except, I guess, the people at Dorator, who now want me to do this for them.  DSS, for most pilots, are still the “trash artifacts” — annoyances in the quest for AB4s, EB-3s and CM-4s.  But, really, they are so much bigger.  I’m not sure that Dorator, as a for-profit entity, will be as ready to share all of the information they collect.  I guess time will tell. I’m kind of hoping my friend Hammer-BS can find a new partner to work with to continue that quest for pure discovery.

And so I’m ready to launch now, both literally and figuratively, into something new.  Ma’at Salamm is the Quani word “Goodbye.”  But it it not a goodbye with finality, because the more accurate translation is “Until I greet  you again.”

So . . . Ma’at salaam!

Greetings artifact hunters !!!

-=DSRG=- is in great need of UC 12 artifacts to complete the current and upcoming repair drones.

So its time to get you involved.

we will be paying a premium price of 3 million credits per unit

And here is the kicker we will also be awarding some highly desirable artifacts to the top 3 suppliers

first place pilot will recieve an AB4

second place pilot will recieve an AB3

third place pilot will recieve an EB3

starting on tridate 117.2.1 a DSRG drone will be on call at the DSRG-r-OP’s Station in Outpost sector at rotacol-coordinate 23.9 14.3 -27.7 to accept UC 12`s

this competition will continue until tridate 117.2.29 or until 100 units have been delivered.

good luck hunting



p.s: current staff and drones from -=DSRG=- are excluded from the competition

Recently a few pilots have asked me what pattern i use to collect wrecks around the universe.

So i think its about time i enlighten the masses with my pattern files.

just copy and paste the data to a .dat file to use in JGROT or use it as is if you dont have it working.

here is the data:


(clanlord triple 50)
[pilot 1]
50 50 50 leg 1
50 50 -50 leg 2
50 -50 -50 leg 3
50 -50 50 leg 4
-50 -50 50 leg 5
-50 -50 -50 leg 6
-50 50 -50 leg 7
-50 50 50 leg 8

(clanlord triple 50 rev)
[pilot 1]
-50 50 50 leg 8
-50 50 -50 leg 7
-50 -50 -50 leg 6
-50 -50 50 leg 5
50 -50 50 leg 4
50 -50 -50 leg 3
50 50 -50 leg 2
50 50 50 leg 1

(big Bertha)
[Pilot 1]
0.0 0.0 75.0 Pilot 1, Leg 1
-6.9 65.5 35.9 Pilot 1, Leg 2
53.9 37.8 35.9 Pilot 1, Leg 3
46.3 -37.8 45.3 Pilot 1, Leg 4
-27.7 -60.8 34.2 Pilot 1, Leg 5
33.7 -65.5 -14.2 Pilot 1, Leg 6
73.4 0.0 -15.6 Pilot 1, Leg 7
27.7 60.8 -34.2 Pilot 1, Leg 8
-48.2 55.3 -15.6 Pilot 1, Leg 9
-28.7 17.5 -67.0 Pilot 1, Leg 10
32.1 -10.1 -67.0 Pilot 1, Leg 11
-25.2 -55.3 -43.9 Pilot 1, Leg 12
-71.5 -17.5 -14.2 Pilot 1, Leg 13
-58.9 10.1 45.3 Pilot 1, Leg 14

(blind spots)
[pilot 1]
-20 -10 80 leg 1
-82 5 10 leg 2
-1 60 -32 leg 3
1 -2 -78 leg 4


Good luck finding the wrecks.


regards  Clanlord