Killed 275 flux, got my Amethyst Nova – moved on to Hyperial. Pretty much it.


I’m sorry, but… who do these people think they’re fooling? Nobody is squabbling over Antiflux. Nobody. Bet you ten to one that it wasn’t a TRI pilot who moved those Antiflux to SC, either. Someone wants their crisis, come what may. Oh well. If they want to artificially spike the price on Antiflux into the ceiling for no good reason, let ’em. I’m sure all that doom and gloom will scare all those pilots squabbling. Once they finish laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Ran the mission to Sol Core I set up last night. Ran some pricier commods back to Wake, and then other ones to OP. Picked up the Rad ore PP has been screaming about, found two arties after visiting the Ore Depot, ran some bulk commods to GP, ran grain to OD, took some ingredients to OC after dropping my no longer especially rare Antiflux and the new arties off at Depot, because the infest in DG needed killing. Grabbed a Raptor at Core, and took along some extra nukes. Made a run, reloaded at a POS, made another, rinse, repeat. Returned to OP for reloads. Destroyed the infest with 17, all told. LL now clear. Killed a dozen or so flux while infest busting.

Returned to OP, traded in the Raptor for a ‘Nix, equipped it the way I wanted, and turned in to log and bed. I’m sure tomorrow the story will be that it was never about rarity, it was about the fragility of the economy, or something. Meh. I’m killing a whole lot of things tomorrow.

Ugh. Why must they provoke me?

Let’s back up. Last night, I kept seeing a message about “antiflux hoarding” – didn’t understand, because there’s been precisely zero antifluxes in the universe that *weren’t in someone’s hoard.

Heard through the grapevine that there was some kerfuffle about Sinver buying some new ones at Hyperial. Big whoopee, but okay. Woke up this morning to a story with a quote about how buying antiflux from the market floor wasn’t illegal (that rep was certainly a braintrust, wasn’t he), but that other pilots might get mad. Uh. What other pilots would be getting mad, exactly? The ones who haven’t been making or buying any for forever, because there’s plenty for everyone? Those pilots? Something was fishy.

So, contacted Sinver, got his side of things. He returned them to Hyperial after having his launch codes suspended for an hour, and the story about TRI-SEC looking for him, etc. He was kind of upset, honestly. Don’t blame him. For someone who didn’t do anything illegal, they seemed to be treating him like some sort of criminal.

After looking at the awful price that got artificially jacked into the ceiling, and finding that not only were there 25 at Hyperial there were ALSO 11 more scattered around TRI stations that likewise magically appeared – (yes, I noticed that one at GBS, Torn) I decided to fix this issue the most expedient way. I bought the whole stock (and I was wrong – they were nearly 18 million, not 13) and brought them to the station in Ring View with a stock of 19 – so now there’s 44 there. Why? Because their sell price is 400k, flat. I paid 715k apiece at Hyperial, because my PR is not very high there yet.

So, at the price of nearly half my credits, now all these officials and pirates and bartenders, and whoever else can quit whining about hoarding. If it was such a big deal, why has nobody bought one from RV in forever? POS inventories are readily available…

Please, someone accuse me of profiteering, and hoarding, with an 18 million credit loss. I dare you. Now, all the hordes of new pilots just dying, nay, clamoring for antifluxes can go buy them – at 40% the price that whatever idiotic hysteria brought this on caused. Happy now? Silly goons.

Annnnyway. Infests cut off DG to PP earlier. hifly said that one we left up in Tranq, in Sol space, was actually blue when it was killed earlier, too. That’s kinda funky.

I got back into space after making a press release available, and hauled some barium and erbium to Pillars. Took grain to OP, set up for my mission tomorrow. Pretty much it.

Oh, and I hope TRI-SEC comes looking to question me. Because, clearly, a former Optimus, multi-billionaire, and long time squad leader wouldn’t know anything about supply and demand. Just like a Solrain Optimus doesn’t, apparently.

I think they issue TRI spokespeople porridge for brains. That’s my explanation, anyway.  Oh, and so much for killing flux today. Oh well. Maybe I won’t have to fix something else TRI screwed up tomorrow.

Had a night plagued with technical difficulties last night. Didn’t even bother to log it, I was so frustrated. Went much better tonight. Took a load of commods to GP – made a profit. Took grain from GP to OP – profit. Took some of the foodstuffs I’d dropped at OP (when I saw the infests last night – sorry, newfangled holiday, flux are more important) to EE with me, along with some other commods with QC as their final destination- profited. Picked up a variety of tier ones languishing at EE, to go with the ones I brought with – plus some cesium for gravs. Profited again. Took the Sol FM to Core from QC, with a full load of OFoods – dropped all 500, pushed the FM up a bit over 20% – currently at 55.6%. Killed exactly nothing, but there’s always tomorrow.

Did a long patrol from Aman to GBS and back. Headed to Oct space. Killed roughly 90 flux in the course of that patrol route.  Exterminator of the Void again. Jumped into a tow at OP, kicked some tier 1 commods around a bit, then started moving OFoods and MFoods for  Exorzismus. Alas, technical issues brought me back to Core 4 times in a row – so I parked her, to let the techs get a good look at her. Going to have to get that moved tomorrow. Quietly, of course.

Heard there was an alert up in Sol space earlier today – in Outer Depths. Pilot I heard it from didn’t know what caused it. It was already amber when he saw it. Happens to be the same sector I chased that sentient into an anomaly. Which reminds me – still got that scan data under guard.