In response to Mr. Jalil’s log entry, my employer, the Solrain Engineering & Technology Group, may be able to help out and our fees are very reasonable.  But I’m not sure who we would be contracting with to do this service, so if anyone had infromation they can share, I would be grateful.


Started at Core. Tuned to Depot, then back to Core. Flew to OP, dodged a swarm, headed for unreg. Time to hunt. Made two attempts on Eels. I’m very, very rusty. Armored both to 50% or so, ran out of ammo both times. On the other hand, I decided to home at GBS for a while – felt like old times. My old crew chief is the station maintenance manager now, if you can believe that. After I rearmed, I went hunting for Kraks and Mantas. Killed 8 Mantas, I believe, and 3 Krakens. Shield storm moved in, so I diverted to KH for repairs after dispatching a Manta in aforementioned storm.

Started tuning Hyp space, docked at the station for a mission… had the oddest feeling. Cold all over – then burning up. Almost felt like metal biting into my wrists and ankles. Nobody on the flight deck would even look at me. It was like I wasn’t even there. I went to ask a question about where the bar was these days, and the hangar tech nearly walked into me to get to another console.

It creeped me out. I took a mission to Wake, launched, and holed up at a POS. That’s where I am now. Something wrong in Hyperial – or something is wrong with me – or with me being there. I don’t know which. The automated systems took care of my ship just fine – but the longer I was there, the colder – or hotter – I felt. I was… compelled… for lack of a better term, to leave. Right then. As soon as possible.

I have a headache now, too. Completely strange experience. The rest of the stations have felt like they always used to – except emptier. Hyperial Station seemed, well, more active than I remember, actually. Just not with pilots – and very surely nothing to do with me.

Odd feelings or not, I killed 45 Conflux. That’s something, at least. Feeling sort of like myself again, rusty or not.

Spent way too long on the Sol signal file. Tried boosting the lower freqs, isolating them, isolating after removing noise, nothing. Even looked some more at it on a spectrograph. I’m no sound tech. Just have a background with electronics. Whatever it is it’s more than I can find.

Finally launched, tuned a few beacs, shot down 13 flux, got podded by a great prawn I didn’t see until it was too late, since I forgot to equip FFs when I launched. Reequipped, and headed to bed. I want some Novas.

I took a look at the audio clip that was released by Dr. Dannewar.  This is definitely outside my area of expertise.  But while I don’t think I have found any answers, I definitely have the feeling that is is something more than cosmic background noise or some other organic source.

Clearly, the clip sounds like static, but it seems to be more than that.  An analysis —Dannewar1 Spectro especially in certain frequencies reveals inconsistencies.  Not trying to Sound too Deep about this, but I just have a gut feeling that there is something there — buried Deep in the Sound.

I’m going to keep looking at this and looking for other tools to analyze the stream.  But I’d also like to call on all of the factions — especially Solrain — to throw some resources into this.

Flew to GP to get some Cobras. Tried two Barraks on the way… probably would work better if I had the highest tier PP, but I didn’t. Tuned some of Oct space, killed a few flux – had technical difficulties in the hangar, put the Chiro in the shop, took a walk.

Once the mechanics signed off on the Chiro, I took her back out. Had one more mechanical problem en route, got it fixed at Core, since I launched into a swarm at OP. Hightailed it out, as humiliating as that still is. I can’t wait to get into something that could make a dent in these… I bet I could whittle down if I had a ‘Nix, at a home station. A few pod rides never hurt anyone. Much. Tuned the rest of Oct space (save the Gurge, because I didn’t want to fly allll the way around that infest) and killed a bunch more flux on patrol. While the Chiro was in my hangar, I had my old custom ND HUD package installed. Efficiency was significantly higher. The more familiarity, the better, eh? Also helping was the KILL FLUX emblazoned to either side of the comms bar. It’s the little things in life – don’t you agree? Ended that shift with 34 Conflux kills in all. There were 8 pilots in space other than myself during that later period, by my count. Highest I’ve seen. Maybe things are looking up.

Tried my hand at the new signal data. I think it’s an S-O-S, whatever that is. Or maybe S-O-L. Got sidetracked by that and didn’t go back out.

Patrolled Solrain space. It feels like patrolling again, at least. Tuned what wasn’t tuned for them. Figured I might as well, since I was there. Destroyed 31 Conflux – 5 Mantas. Aim was decidedly better today. Had an unfortunate encounter with a stray asteroid while lining up for an Oct beacon. Sort of random, but I’ll admit, I wasn’t really watching too closely. Pod arrived at OP with the message that I was promoted to Gunner, though. Shiny new Chiro paid for. Pocketbook slightly dented, but that’s the way it goes. Think I’ll call it a night.

Oh, before I forget – pilot hifly3 destroyed an infestation in Amananth space tonight. Kudos. Said it took 22 nukes, if anyone is counting such things.

<log text modifiedorigin signal trace terminates, Amananth station – Command Authorization – Delta Omega Ceta Alpha Nine Four Seven Seven Zero. RazorsKiss, New Dawn Fleet Command, TRI-R/NDSOC Research hub, terminal 8. AMAN_202no route to sender>

<Released on *second* mention of keywords “Amananth” and “infestation” in close proximity, indicates continuing interest of subject in affairs of note: Stand by for message text:

I knew Hyperial was going to betray Amananth in favor of Octavia. Versalus told me as much. I know part of the secret behind Yrral’s “crimes” – and I assure you – all is not as it seems – I imagine that it’s been resolved by now, actually.  I know Amananth is awake – and I ask you all – please trust Amananth. It plays a far deeper game than we realize. It may be our salvation in the future – in more ways than one.

I’m going through the anomaly, friends. I found where Thrice Seven went, and where they were stopped in their tracks. But that’s all I know. I know also that every scout sent back there since has vanished – save one. I saw a bit of what he said. It was frightening. I’m going to verify it, and see if I can get any more data to help us. So, as you read this, I’m nowhere to be found – and nowhere you want to be. I’m going to try to make it back – but even if I don’t, the information I glean will be in my escape pod – ready for pickup, should I not return. You remember the raid on Sol Core a while ago? I became the recipient of some datadisks. Don’t ask me how – it’s a long story. One of them contained limited access codes to the cartography data of Thrice Seven’s last reported position. Another contained data gleaned from a scout sent out quite a while back, warning of an impending incursion – at those same coordinates. Hopefully I’ll return. If I don’t, well, now you know.

Zeroz95, Holly, GrimFalcon – if you get my code, it’s either me returning – or the data. My escape pod no longer functions – save as a huge data transmitter. So I either make it back in one piece, with the data, or it gets back to you – without me. Either way, this mission will succeed. But like I said earlier – Fate has a lot to do with which. Wish me luck. Tell Holly I’m sorry. But I’m needed here. It’s… something I have to do.


(Extracts from a note left for Squadron New Dawn, by Pilot RazorsKiss – see: “Insertion”, 102.10.24)>

Pilot RazorsKiss can’t see this. It’s selectively edited out when he looks at it. One of the advantages, to my way of thinking, to how he was… repaired, you could say. There are things he can’t know yet – but things you need to know. He didn’t come back… whole. You’ll understand soon enough. I might even understand it myself.  Two things: Amananth was awake, but now it… isn’t. Not the same way. Part of me is, however. Who is me? Take a guess. Who knows? It might even be right. Trust Amananth – but be wary, as well. Trust RazorsKiss or not. I’m not the one to ask anymore. I’m not sure what to do about him. I’m not sure why I’m even doing this. I only wanted to be free. That didn’t turn out like anyone expected.

<log modification ends>

See you tomorrow! Maybe the Chiro will feel more like real flying. Something’s missing, and I can’t quite place it. I’m not just rusty. Getting old, I guess. I’m no spring chicken anymore. Not too long until the Nix. Maybe I just need some sweet, sweet plasma.

Participated in approximately 9 rounds of mining for the Quantar FM. Got about 1% further, looks like. Also made Senior Marksman – so Barraks and Rushes, here I come. Dropped off my new PCP-3 at the Depot, picked up Rushes and a Barrak, and tuned around to OP.

Recalled that Peri yaw is NOT optimal. By meeting a beacon up close and personal trying to get too fancy. Not as young as I used to be, and still more than a little rust to polish off. Remembered that Peris aren’t exactly the best for soloing Eels, either – Lack of DPS. Did not get up close and personal with a pod – but ran out of ammo trying. Left out of GBS, intending to tune back toward Sol space and swap for a Solly BCU. Started congratulating myself for a very neat full speed lineup with the Light Lost beacon – without getting even close to that sector’s Eel. Right until I saw the ‘roid in the other end. Another pod ride. Did tune the beac, though.  I see a resupply run to OP in my future, for penance’s sake, at least.

Killed 5 Mantas, 14 total Conflux in that first duty period.

Headed over to Sol space to improve my rating. Just took some transport missions. No big deal. Killed 10 Flux on the way to Cornea, with a stopoff at Wake for the mission swap – soon as I hit Azure Churn, though… my aim went to complete nil. Couldn’t hit the kraken if my life depended on it. Docked at Cornea. Came back – Manta. Got it to 53a, krak buddy finally got there and my aim went to pot again. Ran out of ammo finally, went to Wake.

Killed 2 small fry on the way back from Wake, Manta and Krak popped up right off in AC, next. Decided that discretion was the better part of valor, didn’t engage, and docked back at Cornea for my mission..

26 Flux, helped some on the Quant FM (was looking to qual for the light miner and do some more, but my aim was not helping), tuned some beacs. Meh. The Peri is just as nice as I remembered, though. It just gives you delusions of invincibility. Ah well. There’s always tomorrow.

Sleep well, child.