Rockhunter Mission Results

Well after a kind of slow start with Ekoos Stop, we expanded the Rockhunter Mission and are pleased to say that 18 new asteroid locations were identified in four sectors.  All of these new ‘roids were discovered by Hammer-BS, so he will be receiving the promised 2.7 million credits award, along with a Captain’s Commendation (for his participation) and a Karadron’s Spade (for submitting the most, and only, new roid coordinates).

Pilot Gusty will also be receiving a Captain’s Commendation.  He was an early rock-hunter in Ekoos and helped us quickly figure out that we needed to expands the search area if the mission was to have any results.

The Tahirs will be awarding the medals and half of the cash prize.  I’ll make arrangements with Hammer-BS to meet so I can give him the other half of the credits, which I owe.

The following is a list of the new ‘roids which were found.  Please feel free to cut-and-paste them into your roid database.

Ekoo’s Stop:
-43.1 20.1 -20.6 semi med

Inner Third:
3.8 17.6 -58.0 semi small
9.4 20.6 -39.9 rad small
12.3 32.4 5.4 ice med
16.7 20.5 -41.4 prec med
17.3 42.2 -13.0 rad med

Orus Leg:
-14.0 0.4 -34.4 ice small
-12.4 1.2 -37.7 semi small
-8.6 -0.6 -25.0 rad med
-5.7 -0.5 -24.5 rad small
3.4 0.6 -39.6 rad med
3.6 0.5 -40.1 semi small
10.3 -0.6 -26.1 prec med

Quantar Hook:
8.2 20.4 14.4 rad small
6.7 20.4 6.4 rad med
6.1 22.8 -0.4 prec small
-0.4 23.5 -5.2 ice small
-4.1 23.8 -12.6 semi med


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