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I started my duty today doing the usual patrol in Quantar space with beacon-tuning and flux-killing. When I finished the area around Corridor Station I headed to Tripoint to take a new mission and do a refuel/rearm.

Then I took the route to Quantar Core station via Ring View when I suddenly noticed 3 pink markers on the map around sector The Connexion. Shortly after I finished my beacon-patrol I took a look at the map. The markers had been gone and all gates of the sector “The Connexion” had been infested – to Ring View, The Stith and The Light Crossroads.

I headed to my POS in Outer Roh Cloud and changed to freigther, equipped it with 2 nukes and put 25 nukes to cargo as a reserve – who knows how resilient the infests will be…

After arriving in sector Ring View, I asked for support in doing bombing runs. Then Prof. Athena ShaiDen told me on public channels that she wanted to scan the infestation exactly at the moment the nukes hit it. The scanning was done on the other side of the jumpgate in sector The Connexion.

The first scans did not yield noticable results as the infestation seemed to be very tough. But with every pair of nukes reaching their target the infest got weaker and weaker and the scans became promising. Before the infest was finally blowed after 18 nukes, Prof ShaiDen flew her ranger only a few meters to the gate and scanned the infest exactly at the moment when it broke down. After the gate was cleared she immediately headed to her labs in Sol Cornea to analyse the scans.

As The Connexion was now reachable again, I loaded my freighter with another 50 nukes to get rid of the other 2 remaining infests to sectors The Stith and The Light Crossroads. Fortunately I found a public POS where I could reload my missile launcher after every run. Each infest was begging for 18 nukes as well before the fireworks could begin.

After that I switched on the auto-pilot back to my POS and reached for a pair of Quanus Ice to calm down a bit. I hope Prof. ShaiDen will be able to find some new results.


I have completed decryption of DSS 116.7.27D1G-0. It yielded an image of  this hand-written report. The author could be a person called Horat Bario. The line below might be some kind of timestamp (2725.4).




I tried to make out this handwriting and got:

The sisters told me to feed the boy Atticus to an Ekel, but I cannot bring myself to kill a(n) heir to the Empire. A local witch says that he can be rendered … using a tea made from the root of the Desert Pine. She says if he is kept in the state for several months, he will forget his very name once he is allowed to withdraw and … So that is what I must do. I fear the judgement of my ancestors and expect an(d) early and honorless death. But I prefer this consequence rather than bowing to the will of Drusa and Priscilla.


Some text parts are still missing though – maybe anyone can help?

The DSS decrypted code yielded an audio file (base64 in ascii octal code) – very badly corrupted though.

It seems to be a log entry from a Solrain pilot. For me it’s very hard to understand enough to have a clue what he’s talking about.

There was also a time-stamp on the DSS saying it was from 4780.9.17!

If it’s BT (=Before TRI), it would be unbelievable old – shortly after space flight was discovered, but before the plasma drive was invented.

I hope we can solve this secret.

I was able to decrypt the latest DSS which was not corrupted at all. This is the content:


Mission Report 038.5.12 Priority: High. Classification: Z-Restricted. We have entered the station. It is eerie in its absolute emptiness. We have been unable to access much other than the flight deck yet, but we did find one accessible section with 21 functioning cryo-chambers. They are metallic and non-transparent so there is no way to know what is inside. Review the image I am providing and provide direction on how to proceed.


This image was on the DSS as well:



Some questions remain…

  • What was the purpose of this mission?
  • Who wrote the mission report?
  • Which station are they talking about? Looking at the colour of the chambers and the fact that I found this DSS in Aman space, Amananth would be the obvious answer. But who knows?
  • If it is Amananth – is this how the Amanthi reproduce themselves?


I was able to decrypt the latest DSS. It seems to be a summary of a peaceful protest of Quantar squads against TRI concerning nuclear balance!

The DSS is corrupted a little bit – but the content should nevertheless be understandable. This is the content:

[Quantar Core ] Tonight (102.4.28), a peaceful protest o f;ØsiöÓ posed Solrain Nuclear Weapons Facility was sponsÌÿE   E ÿ¾ G   G E ÿ  antar Defense Alliance squads:  Brotherhood and Yggdrasil. The rally was bolstered by several non-QDA squads including  members of  =Eye of Roh=,  A. Q. Militis, Cataclyme and Quantar Escort.
The protesters piloted Gust shuttò ò ò ó ng civilian tags as a show of peacefÈ u £ t tÉns. After rallying support at Quantar Deÿÿ3ÛëÂ3ÛëÄU%u2039ìore stations, the entourage met with only min*O P9Q Rsistance (fr2è%u2026ùÿÿ;Æuj2é²üÿÿjay to Solrain Core, seat of the TRI government.
The messages being conveyed by the protesters were simple:
– TRI, what is the need for nukes? Down with informatiÇ $Ô\ ÿ %u02DCtism!
– TRI, if thèÙ«  ÃU%u2039ìalid, give them to all factions!
– No Solrain only nukes! Up with TRI, down with SRI!
– Down with Solrain favoritism! Nuk%u2030A %u2030A %u2030A$%u2030A %u2030A Ç l%u017D  %u2039Áus too!
– Nukes for all! Nuclear Balance!
– We want nukes too! And PIE!
No violence was demoÿ ¬   YèÙ« er the protesters or onlookers for the duration of the evening, Conflux excepted. After parking at the Sol Core docking tube $ �%u2026 ýÿÿPèá  %u0192MüÿÇnutes explaining to any who would listen about TRI’s folly of favoring the Solrain over the other factions, the group then moved to Wake Station for aÞl  Ãj ¸r è-Ë  ÇEèZd of protests at the site of the future Nuclear Weapons Factory.
No TRI officials launched at either location to answer the concerns expressed by the protesters or to offer them pie. As of yet, TRI has remained tight-lipped about the reasons for both allowing the research of these weapons of mass destruction and limiting this techn u 3À@ë 3À]    j ¸  èív  %u2039ñ%u2039M j j ÇF .


Furthermore, this image has been put to the DSS:

DSS 116.3.23D3B-0

Maybe Ambrosius can lift the curtain on this…