The Brotherhood’s “Rockhunter Mission”

**** UPDATED ****

Early results suggest that there are no new non-common roids to find in Ekoos.  I’m expanding the mission to include ALL Quantar sectors … but I’m afraid it may be the same result.

The list of currently-mapped roids in Quantar can be found HERE

Since the Tahirs have decided not to run any space-based events (other than the FM) for the Miners’ Days holiday, The Brotherhood will be sponsoring our own holiday mission/contest for the holiday — the Rockhunter Contest.

Since our home base, The Stone Temple, is in Ekoos Stop — that’s where the contest will be.  Here are the rules:

Place: Ekoos Stop Any Quantar Sector
Time: From now until midnight on 117.9.3 (UTC)
Mission:  Find new asteroids in Ekoos Stop

You mission is to find non-common** asteroids in Ekoos Stop that are NOT currently in this list, and submit their (x,y,z) coordinates.

14.6 19.1 -18.6 prec big
-14.7 8.6 27.4 prec chip
-31.0 20.4 11.6 semi med
-32.1 -1.8 -2.1 prec big
-35.3 18.8 -12.5 prec chip
-38.1 36.7 -5.2 rad med
-41.7 42.3 -5.2 ice big
-42.4 12.5 12.0 semi med
-42.7 18.9 -10.9 rad small
-43.3 40.8 -0.3 ice med
-50.8 18.8 7.6 rad med
-55.1 14.4 8.7 ice small


Large Asteroid – 200,000 400,000 credits
Medium Asteroids – 100,000 200,000 credits
Small Asteroids – 50,000  100,000 credits

** I’ll also pay 50,000 100,000 credits for any Large/Huge Common asteroid coordinates excluding the big hollow roid near the beacon.

No payout will be made for chip-sized asteroids, but you’re welcome to report them.


I have also asked if it is possible to provide Captain’s Commendation awards to anyone who participates, but I have not heard back from the Tahirs on this yet, so I cannot promise that.

The Tahirs have agreed to match (double) my payout and have agreed to award a Captain’s Commendation to all participants, and the Spade of Karadron to the pilot submitting the most new qualified ‘roid coordinates.



  1. Bayonette said:

    What a great idea. I will see what I can do to encourage my squadmates to participate.


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