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bear with me this is gonna be a lenghty log of the last few days

it started 2 days ago

TRI date 119.3.26

After the recent difficulties between quantar and hyperial resulted in the station governour of hyperial expelling all quantar made equipment into space.

it occured to me that the current way of stockpiling nukes around space wasnt working all that well .

old system was a 1/3 oct 1/3 sol 1/3 quantar supply of missiles at Amanath , Hyperial and the 4 unregulated stations .

to be honest for me it was a nightmare to keep track of what was available at each station. so i deviced a new way of distribution that is a lot easier to manage.

1 type of nuke on each station . Read More



tonight starting at around 2030 a small strike force consisting of the following pilots:


set out to see if it was possible to destroy the hives in C1102
4 bombers and 1 phoenix as fighter support ( flown by Gen.TRA) set out on this task

we focused our nuke strike at the central hive in the sector in the initial attack run

second run Darkness went for the central hive while myself and tui went for the hives at 11k out

3the run we targeted the central hive again and Darkness managed to destroy it

then the strangest thing happened the hive respawned instantly.

as far as previous intel reported we were led to believe that we had 60 minutes to destroy the hives in a sector after the first one was destroyed , but given the instant respawn this seems like an impossible task .

we are holding attack operations for now until more intel becomes available

regards Clanlord


Greetings artifact hunters !!!

-=DSRG=- is in great need of UC 12 artifacts to complete the current and upcoming repair drones.

So its time to get you involved.

we will be paying a premium price of 3 million credits per unit

And here is the kicker we will also be awarding some highly desirable artifacts to the top 3 suppliers

first place pilot will recieve an AB4

second place pilot will recieve an AB3

third place pilot will recieve an EB3

starting on tridate 117.2.1 a DSRG drone will be on call at the DSRG-r-OP’s Station in Outpost sector at rotacol-coordinate 23.9 14.3 -27.7 to accept UC 12`s

this competition will continue until tridate 117.2.29 or until 100 units have been delivered.

good luck hunting



p.s: current staff and drones from -=DSRG=- are excluded from the competition

Recently a few pilots have asked me what pattern i use to collect wrecks around the universe.

So i think its about time i enlighten the masses with my pattern files.

just copy and paste the data to a .dat file to use in JGROT or use it as is if you dont have it working.

here is the data:


(clanlord triple 50)
[pilot 1]
50 50 50 leg 1
50 50 -50 leg 2
50 -50 -50 leg 3
50 -50 50 leg 4
-50 -50 50 leg 5
-50 -50 -50 leg 6
-50 50 -50 leg 7
-50 50 50 leg 8

(clanlord triple 50 rev)
[pilot 1]
-50 50 50 leg 8
-50 50 -50 leg 7
-50 -50 -50 leg 6
-50 -50 50 leg 5
50 -50 50 leg 4
50 -50 -50 leg 3
50 50 -50 leg 2
50 50 50 leg 1

(big Bertha)
[Pilot 1]
0.0 0.0 75.0 Pilot 1, Leg 1
-6.9 65.5 35.9 Pilot 1, Leg 2
53.9 37.8 35.9 Pilot 1, Leg 3
46.3 -37.8 45.3 Pilot 1, Leg 4
-27.7 -60.8 34.2 Pilot 1, Leg 5
33.7 -65.5 -14.2 Pilot 1, Leg 6
73.4 0.0 -15.6 Pilot 1, Leg 7
27.7 60.8 -34.2 Pilot 1, Leg 8
-48.2 55.3 -15.6 Pilot 1, Leg 9
-28.7 17.5 -67.0 Pilot 1, Leg 10
32.1 -10.1 -67.0 Pilot 1, Leg 11
-25.2 -55.3 -43.9 Pilot 1, Leg 12
-71.5 -17.5 -14.2 Pilot 1, Leg 13
-58.9 10.1 45.3 Pilot 1, Leg 14

(blind spots)
[pilot 1]
-20 -10 80 leg 1
-82 5 10 leg 2
-1 60 -32 leg 3
1 -2 -78 leg 4


Good luck finding the wrecks.


regards  Clanlord


it finally happened 🙂

the first operational deployment of the DSRG drones  !!

after a call from TRI to repair the plutonuim factory in Octavius Core sector both current operational drones where activated and dispatched to the facility.

Drones  DSRG-r-OP controlled by myself

DSRG-r-QC controlled by pilot Aeghwhyn

arrived in sector not long after and started repairs at 2000 hrs

with the factory being at stage 2 and 75% structure it took about 2 hours to fully repair the plutonium factory which is now again fully operational

both drones and Aeghwhyn recieved the keval thanks medal for their hard work

a conflux swarm caused a bit of a moment when the Qc drone misfired its jump engines and triggered it but was dragged into deepspace by AEghwhyn and later destroyed by the consul.

Ps sorry sinver for flying to core to dispatch the swarm and seeing the consul brushing up on target practise

PPS. im happy to say the deployment was a succes and both drones have returned to their holding bases .

with many drones still under construction i can see a bright future for them

regards  Clanlord

after last nights report that the launch systems where back operational i ran to my ship to get back in space.

being cooped up in my station for a week was no ideal situation for me , not to speak of my station crew ( i swear i could hear them cheering out of relief when i launched )

but as soon as i checked the map i  noticed that the conflux took advantage of the days of pilot inactivity by infesting a hell of a lot of gates .

basicly they managed to cut of all factions from eachother.

so it was time to get to work and we did

in just over 4 hours a small group of pilots namely myself – bayonette – firefly – darkness – jokergdi  – ambrosuis and a few others ( sorry cant recall the names at this moment will edit as soon as i remember ) cleared all the infests to open the lanes for normal traffic again

great effort to all involved and i will be seeing you all in an infest free universe



ps. thanks bayonette for reminding me that ambrosius was also in the group of infest clearers



Run 1 completed

attending pilots Anakin ( 7 dss) , Scraper (2 dss ) , Gusty ( 2 dss ) and Clanlord ( 0 dss , Anakin “borrowed” my dss magnet )

recovered : 30 wrecks including 11 dss

5x dss poor ,2x dss normal,3x dss rare,1x dss rare

in addition various other wrecks were found

UC3 ,SB2,PCP-1,PCS-1,PCP-2,AB3,UC4,SB3,PB1,EE1,CB3,SE3,SB1,EE2,UC5,PCS-1,EB1,SB3,UC3.

Swarm cover provided by FFK_Masssa  thank you for dispatching the amanath swarm.

eventfull note : halfway in the run a single jellyfish conflux decided to take a peak , it was dispatched in an efficient way .

Run 2 completed (sort of )

attending pilots Scraper (1 dss ) , Gusty ( 2 dss ) and Clanlord (1 dss)

recovered :11 wrecks including 4 dss

in addition various other wrecks were found


Swarm cover provided by FFK_Masssa

Run was cut short due of arrival of pirates ( squads thetruechurch and nny…pui ) dumping flux in search sector

Run 3 completed ( again sort of )

attending pilots Drevent (1 dss), Hifly5 (4 dss), -Dean- (1 dss), Gusty (2 dss), Anakin (3 dss),  Scraper (1 dss) and Clanlord (3 dss)

recovered: 28 wrecks including 15 dss

in addition various other wrecks were found


Woofe and PS-Yamato were gaurding aman hook to provide swarm cover and early warning for incoming pilots providing  us the extra time to get to safety.

Even with the pirate incursions the main objective was achieved.

i will collect the last few dss from the couple of pilots that where unable to get them to me on the night later in the week and transport them to a safe location.once all dss are gathered in one location i will contact Jalil Aq ‘tamm for examination and possible decoding.

It was a pleasure and honour to do this with all of you fine pilots, and trust me it wont be the last time.

Regards Clanlord


OC: i planned to file this report yesterday but my sofa is so bloody comfortable i fell asleep and woke up at 645 am by my boss calling me where i was 🙂