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Klatsches Hold

I logged-in to duty today and was surprised to find quite a few others on duty as well.  As far as I can tell, the roids are still not cooling properly (although some did look to be a lighter shade of blue) and there are currently no faction or TRI missions.  So I guess everyone was flux-hunting, hauling or pureing.

I was just on to tune beacons.  I did one run up through Ekoos and RV over to Tripoint.  Then a run from Tripoint through Path of Hordes to QC.  Then a last run from QC over to KH.  Other than the number of people I saw on F5, nothing much exciting.


Quantar Depot

I decided to support the new Quantar Faction Mission that was just launched.  Mining ice.  I launched from The Stone Temple (Ekoos) in my Khamsin –Mercenary tagged as I did not want to fly to QC to switch to civ.  Hit a couple of ice roids in Ekoos and then a couple more in Ring View — but as I worked my way down toward Quantar Depot, all of the ice roids were already hot — so I wasn’t able to extract much more.  Got about 135 units or ore in total — about 120 ice.  That makes about 4 units of Magnesium.  That’s just rough.

And to heap insult upon injury, when I got to Depot, there was a problem with the mission computer.  Being the impatient sort, I sold my ore anyway and at least got a Skill Star for my efforts.  But FM credits and exp would have been nice.  Maybe tomorrow.

Eye of Roh HQ

I had not been on duty in many weeks and had been getting the itch to fly.  I launched from Stone Temple in my phoon and tuned the sectors surrounding Ekoos — and then headed to Quantar Core sector.  Once there I headed to Eye of Roh HQ — Brother Tesrend’s station.  I have not heard from him in several years and often wonder what happened.  After The Catastrophe, once the gates were opened again, he seemed to be everywhere — fighting, fluxing, manufacturing, stocking . . . and then he just disappeared.

So many have gone missing this way.

At Eye of Roh HQ, I switched from my phoon to the Khamsin we keep there, ready to mine.  I headed for Inner Roh Cloud for an hour of pureing, and was fortunate to easily find five different pure asteroids — a couple very large.  Once the ship started getting too sluggish from the heavy antimony, indium, iridium and cobalt I had found, I headed back to QC Station to cash-in.

Once the Paymaster had credited my account, I headed back Eye of Roh.

I have to do this again soon.  It felt good.


Well after a kind of slow start with Ekoos Stop, we expanded the Rockhunter Mission and are pleased to say that 18 new asteroid locations were identified in four sectors.  All of these new ‘roids were discovered by Hammer-BS, so he will be receiving the promised 2.7 million credits award, along with a Captain’s Commendation (for his participation) and a Karadron’s Spade (for submitting the most, and only, new roid coordinates).

Pilot Gusty will also be receiving a Captain’s Commendation.  He was an early rock-hunter in Ekoos and helped us quickly figure out that we needed to expands the search area if the mission was to have any results.

The Tahirs will be awarding the medals and half of the cash prize.  I’ll make arrangements with Hammer-BS to meet so I can give him the other half of the credits, which I owe.

The following is a list of the new ‘roids which were found.  Please feel free to cut-and-paste them into your roid database.

Ekoo’s Stop:
-43.1 20.1 -20.6 semi med

Inner Third:
3.8 17.6 -58.0 semi small
9.4 20.6 -39.9 rad small
12.3 32.4 5.4 ice med
16.7 20.5 -41.4 prec med
17.3 42.2 -13.0 rad med

Orus Leg:
-14.0 0.4 -34.4 ice small
-12.4 1.2 -37.7 semi small
-8.6 -0.6 -25.0 rad med
-5.7 -0.5 -24.5 rad small
3.4 0.6 -39.6 rad med
3.6 0.5 -40.1 semi small
10.3 -0.6 -26.1 prec med

Quantar Hook:
8.2 20.4 14.4 rad small
6.7 20.4 6.4 rad med
6.1 22.8 -0.4 prec small
-0.4 23.5 -5.2 ice small
-4.1 23.8 -12.6 semi med

**** UPDATED ****

Early results suggest that there are no new non-common roids to find in Ekoos.  I’m expanding the mission to include ALL Quantar sectors … but I’m afraid it may be the same result.

The list of currently-mapped roids in Quantar can be found HERE

Since the Tahirs have decided not to run any space-based events (other than the FM) for the Miners’ Days holiday, The Brotherhood will be sponsoring our own holiday mission/contest for the holiday — the Rockhunter Contest.

Since our home base, The Stone Temple, is in Ekoos Stop — that’s where the contest will be.  Here are the rules:

Place: Ekoos Stop Any Quantar Sector
Time: From now until midnight on 117.9.3 (UTC)
Mission:  Find new asteroids in Ekoos Stop

You mission is to find non-common** asteroids in Ekoos Stop that are NOT currently in this list, and submit their (x,y,z) coordinates.

14.6 19.1 -18.6 prec big
-14.7 8.6 27.4 prec chip
-31.0 20.4 11.6 semi med
-32.1 -1.8 -2.1 prec big
-35.3 18.8 -12.5 prec chip
-38.1 36.7 -5.2 rad med
-41.7 42.3 -5.2 ice big
-42.4 12.5 12.0 semi med
-42.7 18.9 -10.9 rad small
-43.3 40.8 -0.3 ice med
-50.8 18.8 7.6 rad med
-55.1 14.4 8.7 ice small


Large Asteroid – 200,000 400,000 credits
Medium Asteroids – 100,000 200,000 credits
Small Asteroids – 50,000  100,000 credits

** I’ll also pay 50,000 100,000 credits for any Large/Huge Common asteroid coordinates excluding the big hollow roid near the beacon.

No payout will be made for chip-sized asteroids, but you’re welcome to report them.


I have also asked if it is possible to provide Captain’s Commendation awards to anyone who participates, but I have not heard back from the Tahirs on this yet, so I cannot promise that.

The Tahirs have agreed to match (double) my payout and have agreed to award a Captain’s Commendation to all participants, and the Spade of Karadron to the pilot submitting the most new qualified ‘roid coordinates.



Quantar Tripoint

A very quiet night.  I had stayed at Klatcsches Hold for the last few days, so my cruise began there.  I tuned from KH to QC — and from there down to Depot, taking military missions since, in a moment of weakness, I decided to take a tour of duty.  Ran a few Courier missions from Depot to Tripoint.

It looks like there was some Conflux activity recently, with infestations of the Ring View/Connex gate, and the Primus Point/Outpost.  I briefly considered going to get a bomber and work on the RV infest … but just didn’t feel like doing that much more flying.

Maybe tomorrow.

Quantar Depot

I spent my duty time today running the current Quantar Mission, which calls for a patrol of GVB, Main Gate, Reaches and Outer Cloud.  The mission station is Quantar Depot, which makes this pretty tedious duty, but I tuned beacons along the way and tuned the rest of Hyperial on the first run — and the payout is decent — especially the Exp payout.