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Quantar Tripoint

A very quiet night.  I had stayed at Klatcsches Hold for the last few days, so my cruise began there.  I tuned from KH to QC — and from there down to Depot, taking military missions since, in a moment of weakness, I decided to take a tour of duty.  Ran a few Courier missions from Depot to Tripoint.

It looks like there was some Conflux activity recently, with infestations of the Ring View/Connex gate, and the Primus Point/Outpost.  I briefly considered going to get a bomber and work on the RV infest … but just didn’t feel like doing that much more flying.

Maybe tomorrow.

Quantar Depot

I spent my duty time today running the current Quantar Mission, which calls for a patrol of GVB, Main Gate, Reaches and Outer Cloud.  The mission station is Quantar Depot, which makes this pretty tedious duty, but I tuned beacons along the way and tuned the rest of Hyperial on the first run — and the payout is decent — especially the Exp payout.

In Transit to Solrain Core

Tonight I am making Machined Parts.  I’m in a tug filled to capacity with iron, chromium, zinc and water so the going is slow.  Comm channels are quiet, so I’m passing the time by writing this log as I go.

Fortunately, there are no swarms or storms in my path, so the journey should be uneventful.  I’m taking the back-roads route to Sol Core — up through Lesser Locks and Narrow Canal.

As I pass the station debris in GVB sector, It brings back memories of the stories told by Brother Io of the last GVB war and the massacre at Zantor Station.  Entering Main Gate, the territory of those murderous Hyperials, makes my blood boil — but I have to stay focused on the mission at hand.

It is quite beyond comprehension why, after all these years, the Sols have not managed to move the roids guarding the Lesser Locks gate out of the way.  So inconvenient.

As usual there are no beacons tuned, but I guess it makes little difference these days with so few criminals, pirates and enemy attack fleets around.  Still … it feels wrong.

Finally I am in Sol Core sector.  Foolishly I forgot to replenish my flashfires before launching, so I have just one left for emergency braking.

So here I am now.  Docked at Sol Core — the Belly of the Beast.  Jewel of the Solrain Commonwealth and still the hub of TRI — which claims to be just another corporation now, but somehow I doubt it.  I have unloaded my cargo and now just wait for production.  I’ll be sleeping in the cockpit tonight.

Tripoint Station

Today’s duty was all about variety.  It started with a little bit of tuning — from Quantar Core thru Omni V to Ring View.  Then I made a quick stop at The Stone Temple to switch to the ST-Xplorer (Ranger), and then launched to tune out to GVB.

On the way back, I decided to do a little bit of artifact hunting in Hyperion Gate where I found a CB1 and a UC6.

Docked at Stone Temple again, switched to the ST-Digger and headed out to mine the large Precious roid in Ekoos.  Then back to Stone Temple to refine.

While running through reports at the station I noticed that Optics were in very short supply.  We had a strategic supply of Machined Parts at Stone Temple, so I hauled about half of them to Tripoint to make Optics.

Sitting here on Tripoint with a Q-Ice as I write this, waiting for the Optics manufacturing to finish.

The Stone Temple

It was a very short tour of duty today.  Someone had done quite a bit of tuning in Quantar space, so instead of my usual routine, I headed to Eye of Roh HQ and grabbed a miner to do some pure mining in my favorite sector (Inner Roh).  I hit just four roids, most of them tiny — but one was magnesium and one was a HUGE zinc.  Since both of those are in short supply, I decided to store them at The Stone Temple.  So although I did not many may credits on this tour, I felt it was pretty successful.

Amananth Station

When I awoke this morning at my berth on Quantar Core, I decide to review the econ board and noticed that a load of Machined Parts — which had been scarce and disappearing regularly when produced — had been dropped at Amananth Station, where they are needed to provide a number of things including Instigators.  I decided to go on duty early and support this econ effort.

In order to get Instigator production fired up, CPUs were needed . . . and in order to get CPU production going, Indium was required.  So I located a sizable supply of Indium at Oct Core (at a reasonable price) — and since Oct Core did not need Indium for any production, I got into my freighter and headed up there to grab all of it.

The trip to Oct Core was uneventful and empty.  I grabbed the full load of Indium as well as a cargo mission to Amananth, and then topped off my load with gold, for RAM production (and a handsome profit as well).  Before launching I checked the map and sure enough there was a Conflux Swarm in Diluted Reaches and there was a 50-50 chance it could become a problem by the time I got my very heavy load of cargo down into the Connex/Stith area.

Twenty minutes later, my fears were realized and the swarm lay directly in my path.  I considered re-routing but that would take a lot of time in itself, so I decided the best choice was patience.  I slowly tracked behind the swarm as it moved from The Stith, to Last Parsec and Aman Hook.  Then I got lucky when it jumped into Canis instead of The Gyre.  I pushed my engines to the limit and past, praying to Hamalzah  that I could make it through Aman Hook and Gyre  — and dock before another swarm popped in to Amananth from Conflux Space.

Twelve minutes later I was docked, unloaded and calculating my profits as I watched the first Instigator show up on the market board.  Mission accomplished — thanks largely to whoever produced, stored and hauled those Machine Parts.  Many blessings on you, whoever you are.

Eye of Roh HQ/Quantar Core

I started my run tonight at Sol Core where I had parked my freighter after delivering a load of commods for Machined Parts, and then took a few days R&R.  I immediately heard chatter that thee was sentient activity in Quantar, but the sent was not showing itself.

Figuring I’d be late to the game anyway, I made a run to Sol Depot, and then back down to Quant space.  Much to my surprise, the sentient was still in QC when I got there — albeit still hidden and spawning drones on the defenders there.

I burned for the docking rings, dropped my load of Nitrogen and Cesium, and then launched out to Eye of Roh HQ (Brother Tesrend’s station) here in QC sector.  Once there, I switched into a Tornado HF and headed out into the fray.

There were a few Nautiloids and a veritable swarm of Jellies, but no sent, except for periodic song.  The next thing I heard was someone yelling on F5 that a gate had been infested.  I headed to QC to dock and trade my Nado for a Monsoon loaded with Nukes.  It too only one run to take out the infestation.

I think that got the sentient’s attention because it suddenly appeared right near QC and I burned to intercept in my sluggish bomber.  It was a C9 Krakken sent — which means fast and nimble … not a great match for my ship.  But there were plenty of others in sector, pursuing in Tensys, Phoons, and Invaders, so I tried to anticipate the sent’s course, cut it off, and bring my quad Barraks to bear on it.  Taking down the sent was a group effort, but I managed to get the kill-shot.

Cargo delivered, infestation knocked down and sentient killed.  That’s what I call “quite a night!”