Miners’ Days Mining Race

Since the Quantar leaders decided that this year’s Miners’ Days holiday will focus on its roots, I will be sponsoring a special race on Sunday – the Miners’ Days Mining Race. A minimum of 3 participants is required.

Here are the rules:

Time: Sunday 120.9.6, 18:00 to 20:00 UTC
Please arrive 10 minutes prior so all preparations can be done in time).
Ship: Tow with empty cargo, free choice of equipment
Start: QC station, docking beacon (ship will be scanned for empty cargo)
Finish: QC station, docking beacon (ship will be scanned for collected ore)
Burglaring: not allowed
deadline: 2 hours after start

– Mine 50 units of each ore type (common, radio, precious, semifluxors, ice) and arrive at the finish with all ore types in cargo within 2 hours.
– Quantar pilots have to mine 53 units each as they have slight advantages in mining speed and ship speed.
– Selling ore for strategic reasons during the event is allowed (but doesn’t count).

Winner is who arrives at the docking beacon first with the required amount of all ores in cargo. Therefore the ship will be scanned at the docking beacon.

If no one gets the required ore in 2 hours:
Winner is who collects most ore (only 50 units per ore type count regardless of faction) and arrives at the docking beacon WITHIN 2 hours (deadline).

Pilots not returning in time will receive a penalty of 5 units per minute!

There will be a prize-pool with the following artifacts:
set of EB-3/2/1
set of PCE-3’s
set of PCE-5’s

Winner has 1st choice, then 2nd place and 3rd place.

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