“The Dark” – official memo

TRI 120.5.21 – Aman Gate – sporksfoons – for immediate release

The tournaments organized by E.R.I. in the last weeks made some headlines and involved pilots from different factions. It was a positive sign and a new approach to give pilots the possibilty to compete in real space under real conditions, incomparable to events in the simulator.

The following informations, a leaked medical report and a hint by an unnamed source, makes the activities in sector The Dark suspicious.

TRI 120.5.13 – Leaked Medical Report – signed by – X. Scaggwhistle

Source: https://joystickrequired.com/threads/leaked-medical-report.13070/#post-78467

TRI 120.5.14 – Quantar Core – Message on the local channel from an unnamed source to Kanthakeh/Brotherhood

That leaves an aftertaste to the events, mostly organized by GrimGriz, who dissolved his squad “Lost Sons of Hyperial” and is now a member, maybe the head of E.R.I., confidant of Edgar Reece and well known for psychological, nuclear and guerilla warfare.

Demand/offer to E.R.I.:

“Access to the infected person(s), examination of the infected person(s) with aid of a medic located at Quantar Core, the medical equipment necessary for the examination will be dropped at the affected station by a pilot from Brotherhood.”

Advice to everyone cooperating with E.R.I.:

“Watch out for attempts of manipulation or mindcontrol, be careful with everything that involves Hyperial!”

Own actions:

“We will patrol sectors around The Dark more often and more carefully, including scans of ships heading or leaving the sector and the affiliated stations.”


“We live in weird times*, some are still searching for answers, others don’t, many of us just vanished into the skein … “

Nessos – Brotherhood of the Stone


*Weird Times (Part I) – Thoughts about the past and recent events – will be released on TRI-Plog in the coming days.

  1. ambrosiusjg said:

    Who said “Everything ain’t what it seems ….?” The name was blacked-out. Was it redacted by you?


  2. nessos said:

    Someone using a “hired” pilot-account, therefore it is blacked-out.


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