what am i up to.

bear with me this is gonna be a lenghty log of the last few days

it started 2 days ago

TRI date 119.3.26

After the recent difficulties between quantar and hyperial resulted in the station governour of hyperial expelling all quantar made equipment into space.

it occured to me that the current way of stockpiling nukes around space wasnt working all that well .

old system was a 1/3 oct 1/3 sol 1/3 quantar supply of missiles at Amanath , Hyperial and the 4 unregulated stations .

to be honest for me it was a nightmare to keep track of what was available at each station. so i deviced a new way of distribution that is a lot easier to manage.

1 type of nuke on each station .

Octavia will supply Amanath and Evenings End  with 500 Mauls each

Solrain will supply Hyperial and Klatches Hold with 500 Sabres each

Quantar will supply GBS and Lothars Landing with 500 Glaives each

so the rest of the day was spent shutteling nukes around unreg , amanath and hyperial.


TRI date 119.3.27

operation consisted of sending the DSRG-r-AM drone into flux space to collect 2000 units of biomass to keep nuke missile production going for a while .

day started out well with the first freighter load taking 4.15 hrs to collect

second load took a little less time since flightpath wasnt hindered much by passing swarms .

clanlord arrived at amanath in a freighter to secure the first load and transport it to solrain core and octavius core to kickstart production of sabre and maul .

upon return to amanath to secure the second load of biomass  2 infestation occured in octavian space   DF/ImpX  and DF/VH gates  DSRG-r-OC drone and pilot Darkness dispatched those in a quick fashion with minimal nr of mauls used

clanlord then proceeded to make additional deliveries of biomass to quantar but was hindered greatly by a couple of swarm in the aman and unreg regions , both swarms where destroyed by the master swarmbuster pilot Sinver.

during flight clanlord noticed that maul production at octavius core had not started yet .seemed there was some difficulty with the machinery which was repaired during the night shift .

TRI date 119.3.28

was glad to see all 3 core stations producing nukes

started the day by topping of solrain biomass supply and transferring sabres to Hyperial and KH both are at 500 cap now also primed solrain core for a future electronics production run later on today

gathered nitrogen and carbon at the nanoCPs at KH for synthetics at oct core running as we speak under boosted status

topped of EE with mauls  coninued on to quantar space

secured procurment pernits for glaive missiles by running a few transports between QC and Tripoint

sitting in my freighter now waitinmg for clearance to start filling LL and GBS with glaives.


at this point octavia will be fully stocked in 24 hours

solrain in 48 hours

quantar in 120 hours

regards clanlord



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