DSS Data Recovery: DSS116.6.11D3B-1

This may be the largest dataset I have ever recovered, yet it was also the cleanest, fastest data recovery I have done as well.  It was like it had been stored on that DSS recently.

I took a peek at the code and it looks to me that it’s some sort of media, and there are others who are more adept at doing this kind of decryption than me.

Click HERE to access the dataset.  Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing it.

  1. Hammer-BS said:


    Looks like a 3 mark-stamp from Weimar Republic… did you get the DSS from a museum?


    • jalildss said:

      Very odd. The data was so clean I figured it was very recent. What’s a 3 mark stamp?


  2. Hammer-BS said:

    It is rumored that the people from Weimar Republic used this patch as token to pay for mail delivery. “Deutsche Mark” was some kind of currency back then…


    • jalildss said:

      I went back and looked at the dataset. There are letters bitly2zem7fq before the image data begins. Any ideas on what that could be?


      • Hammer-BS said:

        Wow – I totally missed that one… just add a dot and a slash to get bit.ly/2zem7fq
        Following the link you find a tutorial about steganography.
        As it turns out, the image of the stamp was just a disguise. It hides this image:

        Looks like some kind of code – maybe anyone can help?


      • jalildss said:



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