Phosphorous Nanoproducer destroyed

After Oberothton informed me about GrimGriz’ attack in Omni IV I tried to get up to date about the recent incidents in and around Hyperial.

Not only was it painful to read that the GenMod laboratory (a. k. a. Phosphorous Nanoproducer) was fully repaired. But to be told that instead of taking up arms, Quantar pilots even helped to repair that building made me speechless.

Brother Ambrosius did his best to undo the work, but shamefully he was on his own and had to abort his mission near completion.

When dusting off my bomber today I thought: Well – take 6 nukes and finish off that damn building. So I started my tour from QC to Hyperial sector, but had to see that another Quantar pilot named DUBERANGER was just about to finish repairs again.

Fortunately he seemed to celebrate his efforts at the local bars so I took the opportunity for my bombing run. It took me 7 runs, many reloads and severe PR hits but finally after 20 nukes the building collapsed into space debris – hopefully once and for all.


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