Personal Log

Cheyenne Mountain

I was reading with disgust how Grimgriz, Me.1 and Imorg fixed that Lab building and figured I needed to do something about it.  After cleaning up some blue beacons in Quantar space I headed to Eye of Roh station to get our “Boomer.”  Then headed to QC to load up with Nukes — three on the racks and six in the hold.Lab Attack

Imorg was on duty somewhere, so I offered him the opportunity to help me out to repent for his sins.  But he was going on about “no proof it was a lab” and so forth.  I think that boy is a little slow.

So I headed out on my own to do some damage, fully expecting Imorg or Grimgriz to try to interdict.  That did not happen so it was a long, boring run.  I made three bombing runs, headed back to KH to reload, and then made 3 more.  Unfortunately, it left me 2 nukes short of finishing off the building.

I guess I’ll be back tomorrow.

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