DSS 116.6.11D2D-0 Decrypted

Finally got it.  Looking at it I was originally thinking it was Base64 image or audio. It was easy to rule out binary, hex, octal and ascii.  It didn’t strike me until yesterday to try Base32! Feeling very proud of myself that I got this before Hammer, lol.


Heaš8sœd·Df/–ast night’s meeting, we tabled several issues, afte÷ß8ÿing over some of the basics.

To give a short synopsis of l߃Ҏ|ight’s meeting:

Rep2tìntatives from over 20 different squads were on hand to he>×Žšs proposal, with 17 people commenting.

The synopsis.

TRIR’s situation, with a slashe‚È‘dget, and their research at a standstill was universally regardÞ!Ñ•”QØxÑ=HÛµ£m—N2ate of affairs. Also unacceptable was the plan proposed by Prefect Versalus, as it would move TRI’s research department into the hands of one faction, Octavius. With that in mind, I propose that a consortium be formed to privatize TRIR. The estimates gi´½Éꎥthe Prefect called for a 4 to 6 billion credit investment. Spread among even the 20 squads in attendance, and averaging the needed funds at 5 billion, that adds up to a 250 million creþM‹~nvestment per SQUAD, not per pilot. With further involvement by even more squads, this nuöÊ» Œˆld be reduced eve]byŒfó`¡.$

There was a whole lot of corruption at the end that I just deleted.  Unfortunately this isn’t dated, but it mentions Prefect Versalus, which, based on TRI Databank, probably places it prior to 105.


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