Decryptions for DSS116.1.20D4D-0 and DSS116.6.11D1B-0

The following is the Hammer-BS decryption of a DSS-4 in perfect condition that was found in Outer Roh Cloud.  He believes it to be some kind of report from a geological mission to Perasca.  Hammer removed a lot of the corrupted characters.


Emi(…)e, we finally arri(…)rasca. We will comm(…)je with land wit(…)he next few days, but we are not ho(…)ul. From what we c(…)station is planetwi(…)ave received no transmission(…)e surface and the CO2 in the atmo(…)creased signific(…)We will land nea(…)f Khor(…)Faba and will proce(…)om there. We have only beg(…)ollect data, but we are seeing some noticeable changes.

Original Current

Mass (1024kg) 0.612 tbd

Dia(…)er (km) 6889 6866

Density (kg)(…)tbd

(…),/s2) 3.7 tbd

Escape Velocity (km/s) 5.3 tbd

Rotation PC(…)yd (hrs) 24.6 24.2

I will se(…)other update next cycle. We hope to hav(…)ditional orbital and atmos(…)eric data at that time.

The second decryption (from a Rare DSS-1 found in The Narrow Canal) is one that I had actually accomplished back on 118.6.14.  All I could see was a jumble of symbols and DSS_116.6.11D1B-0punctuation.  But Hammer-BS used his amazing ability to recognize patterns and realized it was actually a image if you stepped back and looked at the pattern rather than at the symbols themselves.

Unfortunately, I’m still not sure if we are any closer to knowing what this actually is.


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