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tonight starting at around 2030 a small strike force consisting of the following pilots:


set out to see if it was possible to destroy the hives in C1102
4 bombers and 1 phoenix as fighter support ( flown by Gen.TRA) set out on this task

we focused our nuke strike at the central hive in the sector in the initial attack run

second run Darkness went for the central hive while myself and tui went for the hives at 11k out

3the run we targeted the central hive again and Darkness managed to destroy it

then the strangest thing happened the hive respawned instantly.

as far as previous intel reported we were led to believe that we had 60 minutes to destroy the hives in a sector after the first one was destroyed , but given the instant respawn this seems like an impossible task .

we are holding attack operations for now until more intel becomes available

regards Clanlord



Klatsches Hold

I logged-in to duty today and was surprised to find quite a few others on duty as well.  As far as I can tell, the roids are still not cooling properly (although some did look to be a lighter shade of blue) and there are currently no faction or TRI missions.  So I guess everyone was flux-hunting, hauling or pureing.

I was just on to tune beacons.  I did one run up through Ekoos and RV over to Tripoint.  Then a run from Tripoint through Path of Hordes to QC.  Then a last run from QC over to KH.  Other than the number of people I saw on F5, nothing much exciting.