Crackpot Warnings

Well, the mission went off as planned, unfortunately. I hated to see megacredits worth of lab go up like that, but trust me on this – you didn’t want that lab in the hands of those AIs.

“DPDQ”, though… days after it happens, they pop on to send a message in hex (much less complicated than just sending a message in Standard – which they obviously know, since the hex corresponded to Standard on a letter-by-letter basis – huh?) saying “no more”. Uh, yeah, I won’t blow up any more one-of-a-kind computer labs at Amananth station, thanks for the reminder. Oh, and thanks for all the help fending off the AI hackers trying to take it over, by the way.

Could have used some help, but hey, make sure you scold me for blowing it up when both my cybernetically-enhanced connections, and the literal creator of the AIs in question can’t keep out that same group of AIs from a lab in *your* station, that *you* pledged to help safeguard – because we’re both flesh-and-blood pitted against AIs. Raw computing power trumps age and sagacity, I’m afraid.

Whatever “DPDQ” is, though, it’s a brain-damaged idiot. Oh well. So long, new Aman AI – and thanks for all the fish.


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