A BASIC Pattern

I was monitoring the link back to the CWCC just now. I watched the traffic spike, yet again. Another brute force attempt from somewhere in Amananth space. Aelagi also reports multiple attempts on her secure mainframe – and I am fending off wide spectrum DDOS attacks on my own station’s connection, way over in Hyperial space.

Someone wants my data – or, at least, me kept occupied. I might have to arrange something a bit more… direct… in response. My contingency plan is nearly complete.

In other news, I flew escort for Nuncio out through unreg to set up his new station in, well, Last Parsec. That was pretty neat.

Also received a donation from a benefactor – to the tune of 100 million credits – to continue our work opposing the factional governments on their Conflux policies. It gets expensive thumbing your nose at inflationary profiteering – but we shall persevere. I don’t care how much like an AB4 they think Antiflux should be. They’re wrong.


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