The Night, She was a’Hoppin

Started the night with some diplomacy. I had a squad application pending from a Quantar pilot. Per Hyperial’s conditions, having a Quantar pilot negates their official recognition. So long, Hyperial.

Then, I proceeded to the next item of business: collecting a debt. Aristotle needed some new equipment he couldn’t afford, and told me Avicenna would make it up. Fair enough. Got him equipped, no big deal.

Headed to QD, at Avi’s request, to make the exchange. Uneventful trip down, really. Got my credits on arrival, docked to r/r/r.

When I launched, however, Mercator and Avicenna jumped me – presumably for my bounty, but they didn’t say. Mercator was quickly dispatched by a defense droid, but I finished Avicenna off myself. Didn’t show up as a kill – but I got the bounty for him, nonetheless. Ungrateful, kids these days. At least I got the money first.

Nimdas, in the meantime, was sitting on a swarm, and wanted help dispatching it. En route, BLACKDOGG went on duty. I informed him about the ultimatum I gave for BlackRebelsMC – contact from their squad leader, or they join their piratical allies on our WAR list. This was his reply:
I dunno where he lives in his head – but it’s not our galaxy. Pirates are never okay. Helping pirates is never okay. Same for flux – because they’re the same species.

So, apparently, they just don’t care. There ya go.

Oh, and then I caught up with Nimdas, and we destroyed that swarm in < 2 mins. So there's that.

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