DSS Recovery & Decryption DSS 116.1.20D4B-0

This is a recovery from a “rare” condition DSS4 found in Outer Roh cloud.  It’s brief and seemed very clean. I was able to recover the entire dataset without any evident corruption.  That being said, it’s not encoded in any way I have run across before.

qhkz gqd … ghhi rw iorz kflkz zrqn rw hydk xrb .hwdk gqd udhi qr iorz nfdoe hkw ;kwldi gqd hyro qr vhylukw iorz hwlkz hkw .iorz hwlkz d gqd iorz nfdoe d .vx ir kfdh ql vhyorz rzw hud huhkw

  1. Hammer-BS said:

    Sounds like some words of wisdom…


  2. jalildss said:

    Lol, in what language?


  3. Hammer-BS said:

    The dataset decodes to:

    there are two wolves in each of us. a black wolf and a white wolf. the white wolf thrives on love and faith; the black wolf on fear and hate. you have to know which wolf to feed … and when

    I have no idea how these lines made it to Outer Roh Cloud though…

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    • jalildss said:

      How was this encoded? I tried a few things and came up with nothing but gibberish.


  4. Hammer-BS said:

    The dataset could be decoded using a Caesar cipher with a left shift of 3 (d -> a, e -> b, …, c -> z).
    The result was reverse text which had to be spelled backwards to be readable.


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