I’ll be honest…

As much as I want to believe that some surplus TRI Enforcer shot up Amananth, then came back for a crack at the repair convoy… we have zero evidence that this was the case. We do have evidence that the Enforcer took a crack at the repair convoy, and they were bountied as a result of that event – but there is no solid evidence linking them to the earlier attack on Amananth itself, or the Antiflux/RB-4 buildings. Zip.

Amananth is the only witness to that event, and they aren’t talking.

Spouting a nonsense line doesn’t incline me to believe that they have the wherewithal to take on Amananth, either.

No idea what to think of this Zar-Kwon dude, either. Pretty sure he’s just some nutjob with a penchant for butchering perfectly good conspiracy theories by being as weird as humanly possible. Even if he’s right, though, and Nuncio’s interpretation of his prophecy is correct – so what? Some new Emperor at Ares Prime doesn’t mean much to me. I’m from Martius. Emperor Septus I is jump modified, and has been on the sharp end with us. No idea who this Marius fella is.

However, I’m curious about something. Who does Octavius have in the CSD at the Ministry of War? I haven’t heard a word about that. With what we’re hearing from this clown at TRI-CSD – who’s been demoted at least once, it sounds like we need somebody there.

Heck, why not me? I’m no Calatorius, but… we’ve always needed a jump pilot doing this, anyway. Besides – I’ve got more experience than most, after all.




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