When a Little Profit Goes Down The Wrong Way

Kept at my little project. Ended up about 12 million ahead, so mission accomplished – but. There’s always a but.

Took some production commods to Hyp, then cleaned out their mining proceeds that they don’t use, took them to SC. Just happened to be everything necessary to make Machined Parts. Sat on that for a bit, and made some Electronics, too, since I had plenty of copper for both.  Took both of those down to Qspace to make some Gravs.  While I was sitting on those… Sentients attacked again. Was hoping to get this done before that happened, but got behind, since yesterday was a Sentient-free day, I thought nothing of it. What’s an extra hour? All the difference in the world, apparently.

He basically ran amok. Infested the Wake gate to PL, Canis, and popped up in multiple other places – Ring View, Main Gate, and Pulsar, to be specific. Ko-Sar tried to keep tabs on him in his Ranger, but the sent ran him off. Ko-Sar_jr reported missile fire – and a possible hit on the Ore Depot. Would make sense, since Main Gate also has one of those. Not confirmed, however. Ko-Sar_jr is the only pilot who actually saw this sentient today – I was in a loaded tow at QC, so I wasn’t going to be any help, even if I dropped everything and headed there. A battletow is all well and good when you have a whole fleet out and about with you, but as the main attraction, it leaves something to be desired. The entire active pilot population was, essentially, in non-combat ships at the time – so we got caught with our pants down – badly.

Ko-Sar did a great job scouting, and checking in on the various markers – but there wasn’t much more he could do in a single Ranger.  He uploaded his data at QC, so hopefully the Quant government gets some useful information. He also relayed his findings at Main Gate to the proper authorities, as well. Once the coast was clear, I finished up that Grav run to Oct Core, swapped out equipment, and picked up a bomber. NODRAGON was gearing himself up, too. One note: Wake is very, very low on nukes. When I put out the call for more, Paselja of Quantar was most obliging to deliver 50 to Wake for me. Kudos to her, and my gratitude. While she was en route, NODRAGON dropped 3 into the PL side, but didn’t bring reloads. He then proceeded to take the long way around to Wake via Cornea. In the meantime, I had loaded up my bomber, with reloads in the hold, and started toward Wake myself. Once I arrived, I fired 4, still to no visible effect. As there was no public POS in PL, I started toward Wake myself – but found the public station just 20k from the gate once I entered MH. After reloading, I returned to PL, fired one nuke, and the infest went down. I had a feeling, and it was validated. You get lucky, sometimes.

We all met up at Wake, NODRAGON arriving only minutes after I did, and I decided to take that opportunity to have a meal. Upon my return, I decided to return to Oct space and get my Dragon prepped, rather than flying down to Amananth to take out the Canis infest – however, I’ve resolved to give Canis a thorough going-over soon. There’s some reason they keep infesting that particular gate. Took a combat mission back to Wake – spawns were very heavy – and then down to Hyp. Took a mission back to Wake, stopped by Klatches Hold for a short errand, then decided that was far enough for the evening. I’m basing out of here for the time being, I’ve decided. The Sols have an adequate base, but stocking for our Octs would require too much space. Much easier to get KH up to snuff – more centrally located.  A bit far from Amananth, but so is GP. You can’t have everything.

Will stay on patrol tomorrow, I think. One day’s respite will suffice – and my accounts are back in order now. Staying in the saddle for a while – and making sure that there isn’t a repeat of today’s events. Sometimes a little profit does hurt – no matter how much you needed it.


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