Relaxation for Profit

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I don’t particularly like mining. Hauling, I am fine with, but mining? Not really. Everyone kept talking about how much money you can make “puring” – so I tried. Y’all can keep it. Royal pain in my rear, that is. I did turn everything in OP blue, since I had my Vulture out anyway, but that was it.

So, instead, I took my tow out. I’m no MACK pilot, so don’t get me wrong – but I’ve done my share of hauling over the years. You don’t make hundreds of millions (or even billions) without a bit of hauling under your belt. Those pod rides on my inglorious first encounter at Amananth were beginning to pinch a little – so since everything looked quiet, I took a ride in the Condor. Mostly, just taking things from where they’d accumulated in station warehousing to where they could actually make something useful – and give me a bit of a profit, too.  Harvey could probably… well… I’ll save that for another day.

Anyway, took some stuff to GP from ODS, from GP to Wake, from Wake back to Oct space, then Oct space through EE, to QC, then from QC to SC. Ended up there for the night. Sols have some pretty decent transient quarters, so I slept comfortably. I should be back in my Dragon later today, but this fluxhunter needed some money.  Well, and some new arties. A guy’s gotta have some hobbies, right? Heard about some results, secondhand at least, from my other message. Hope that turns out well.


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