Spawn Logs

Ready for some tedium? I’m sure you are. One interesting datum, but otherwise fairly boring.


AH – c9,2c8
LP – 4c2,c3
Stith – c7
Connexion – c6,2c5,c4,c3
RV – c5
Ekoos – c3,2c2,2c1
RoQ – 2c4
HG – c7,3c5
GVB – 2c3 | 6c3,3c2
ZR – 6c4,2c2,c3
MG – c4| c6
Reaches – 3c3,2c2| 4c3,c2| c3| c2| 2c3,2c2| c2
Lesser Locks – 5c3,c2
Outer Cloud -3c4,3c3,c2| 2c4,2c3,c2| 2c4,3c2
Rear Gate – 2c2| c2| 4c3,3c2
Hyp Hook – c5| 3c6,3c5

Ekoo’s was spawning light, but I’ll need some more data before I downgrade it. I’m almost positive I was spawning higher there recently.

As you can see, I once again confirmed AH’s new classification, as well as Stith’s, Hyp Gate, Main Gate – as well as confirming that my memory about ZR and Outer Cloud was faulty – neither spawned above c4. The rest of Hyp space spawned correctly on my way out – I didn’t write it down, however, as I was in a hurry, carrying some Rushes to GP before I went off duty.


Divide – c2
The Rim – c3
Arkan’s – 3c3,c4
PP – 2c2,2c3
DG – c3
GL – 3c3,c4,3c5
OL – c2,2c3
PL – c3| 2c3
MH – c2,c3| 2c3
TranqMajor -c3,2c4,c5,c6| c3,c4,2c5| c3,c42c5,2c6
BR – c4,c5,2c6| c6| 3c3,2c6
Hirbel’s – 3c2,3c3
CC – 2c3,c4,c52c6
TC – 2c2,3c3
OD – c3
AC – c4,2c5,2c7| 2c6,c7,5c8| c4,2c7,2c8| 2c4,2c5,2c6,2c7,c8| c7,c8|
c4,2c5,3c6| c5| c5| c6| c4,2c5
OO – 2c2,c3
MR – c3,3c4,c5
IO – 2c2,c3
TranqMinor – c2
Fields – c3,3c4,3c5
SoS – 3c1,3c2
WP – c2|
IL – c3,c4,c6| c3,c4,c5,c6

GP to Wake spawned just as expected, which was unsurprising. I travel that way frequently. I confirmed TM and BR yet again – both are spawning solid 6, with an occasional 7 in BR, if not today.

Then, decided to take a spin and finish up the majority of Sol space. Only missed Narrow Canal in the last 48 hours, but I’ll catch it the next time I head to Hyperial. Everything in Sol space spawned precisely as expected – except Azure Churn. I respawned it repeatedly for a good test sample (10x), and didn’t get anything above a c8. Definitely needs a reclass – except, this time, downwards.

Will probably spend some time working on a stocking list for Flowbar tomorrow morning. Finished the day with 8660 kills.


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