Spawn Log Part II

More numbers!

Spawn Log 118.01.12a
WP – 2c1,2c2
IL – c4
GL – c3,c5
DG – c2,c3,c4| c2
FP – c4
PP – 4c3
Sarks – c5,2c6,3c8| c5,c8
Edge – 2c3| 2c2,c3
Divide – 2c2| c2,2c3
Rim – 2c2,2c3| 2c2,3c3
OR – c4| c5,2c6
OE – 2c3| 2c3,2c4,2c5,2c6| c3,c4,c5,3c6
Mokks – c6,c7,2c10,c12| c6,c8,10,c12
Arkan’s Cloud – c4
IC – c2
DF – 3c3
V2 – c2,2c3| c3
Orrus Minor – c6| 2c6,c7| c5,c7
Orrus Major – c5,2c8| 3c4,c8| c7| 3c4,c5,c6,2c7,c8
IG – 6c1,c2
IC – c1| 3c1
VH – c2,c3| 4c2,2c3
OS – c4,3c5| 2c3,3c5
Gurge – 2c2,4c3| 3c2,3c3
RV – 3c3,c4,3c5| c3,4c4,c5
ES – 4c1,3c2
OV – 4c1,c2
OIV – 4c2,5c3
PoH – 3c2,2c3| c3
Quad – c5
TH – c2,c3| c2,c3
CP – c6
DE -2c2,3c4
Orus’ Leg – 3c4,c5,c6
UT – c2
OT – 4c5,2c6,2c7| c5
I3 – 3c3,c4,2c5| 2c5| 4c3,c4
O3 – 2c7,c8,c9,3c10
TDT – 4c2,4c3
ORC – c3, 3c4,2c5
IRC – 5c2,4c3
SoQ – c2
HoR – c2,c3| 3c3
TDP – 2c3,c4,c5,c6
LW – c3
3G – c2
QH – c2

I want some more data on the bolded sectors. The last “proper” map has the Orrus twins as equal levels, and higher than what I’m showing. They’re spawning 7 and 8 currently – but Major is consistent with 8s. Outer Third spawned lower than 12 – but I’ll be honest, I only respawned it once. That reeeeaaaalllly long anomaly discouraged me. Path of Hordes surprised me – with a c2 in there, I doubt it still spawns Mantas – but need more data.

Gurge, I want more data to make sure my memory isn’t broken. I could swear I’ve seen snail there before. Ekoo’s – that was a big surprise. No snails at all? C1s? Yowsa. I couldn’t get Long Walk to respawn for love nor money, even after waiting 15 minutes between, so we need more data on that.

I’m prepared to say, though, that Ekoo’s, PoH, and Azure Churn are probably 3 of our 4 “lower threat” sectors. I have a feeling that unreg will answer the rest of our questions – and that’s up next.


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