A Fluxhunter’s Call to Reassessment

Happy New Year. Haven’t logged in a while. Finished the night with 8251 flux kills – but that’s not what I want to log about.

The biggest topic of conversation lately has been something a bit esoteric – perhaps even nebulous. We suspect that the flux spawn patterns have changed – perhaps quite recently. Granted, I’ve been gone for a while – but there are a variety of sectors that now spawn manta class conflux that none of us can recall doing so previously – and at least one sector that needs a threat upgrade to include c8s and 9s.

Main Gate, Hyperion Gate, Zealot’s Refuge, Outer Cloud and The Stith all spawn mantas now – Bronci Rift has returned to it’s former status as a manta sector, as well.

Additionally, Aman Hook now spawns c7s and krakens in addition to it’s usual c6 pattern. Oddest of all (but vaguely familiar from the olden days) is Blasted Corner, of all places, spawning very occasional c7-c9s as well.

Outer Cloud and Zealot’s Refuge have only spawned c6s for me twice apiece, out of dozens of transits for me – so I would classify them both with a lesser threat level – but having Hyp Hook, Inner Cloud, Outer Cloud AND Main Gate all as Manta sectors in Hyperial space is worrisome. Add the increased threats in both Hyperion Gate, Zealot’s Refuge, and Bronci Rift, and Hyperial looks as if it’s under siege – not even counting the fact that a sentient completely cut them off from the rest of TRI a short time ago. Hyperial is a long way from typical sentient/infest activity.

Recall that on 117.11.09, Main Gate was completely infested, and cut off Hyperial space completely.  I don’t recall seeing mantas in Main Gate before then – in fact, it’s only in the last week or so that I’ve seen mantas there. I’ve also noticed the higher spawns in Aman Hook and Blasted Corner in the last week or two.

So, we now have increased spawn levels on every access to Hyperial space, in Aman Hook, and The Stith – an access to Amananth space.

Dr. Vernon Ni’bur had many interesting things to say about The Battle for Dark Crossroads – and as a Hyperial citizen, I’m sure he has reason to be concerned about this situation.

I’m also sure that Amananth has its own concerns. I know this is small potatoes compared to the fact that flux space opens directly into their primary station sector – but any escalation in the Conflux threat has to be of interest.

I’d like to make a proposal – as I’m sure these logs are read by a variety of folks – possibly including Amananth and the good Doctor. I would also welcome input from Doctors ShaiDen and Q’Son. I haven’t heard from either one since I’ve reactivated my flight status – which worries me.

The proposal is as follows, in two parts:

  1. Faction missions to conduct a survey of current flux spawn patterns. I would appreciate the data myself, as I plan on an updated version of the venerable fluxmap. Whether patrols or simple combat missions, all of the factional governments might want to consider encouraging pilots to gather this data, for their own defense, if nothing else.
  2. Reopening the Antiflux CP – or replacing it – by any means necessary.

We now have *2* Manta spawn areas on the trade route between Quantar and Solrain space – whichever direction you go. You can also no longer get to Amananth OR Hyperial stations without encountering Manta-class Conflux. The “safe” routes are no longer safe for cargo craft sans antifluxes.

There is also a chance of encountering a Manta on the route from OP to QC now, to top it all off.

It *was* all well and good to say “well, we didn’t really need Antifluxes” – but now we do.

They’re no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

They’re no longer a convenience, but the only way to keep the trade routes open.



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