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215 kills today, including a swarm in Inner Aman. Made it to #10, and finished the day with 9,717 kills.

Next stop is US IV, which will make only the tenth award of that ribbon since The Catastrophe. Started at GP, ran to QC, then to Aman. Did a full patrol of both Amananth and Hyperial space, and covered the majority of the new manta areas in the process. Finished the night at Wake. Glad to see that MadCat is back around, too.



Yeah, good intentions, all that nonsense. I really meant to pull into #12 tonight. Those swarms were just so tempting, though. Killed one in Aman Hook, docked at Amananth – just for a few minutes, since I was in a hurry; my project would wait –  took a little jaunt to flux space to help Nara kill a swarm in The Depths. Spawned two kraks, got a little armored because I was impatient, but no big deal. We splattered them all over the system, killed some Mants and snails that came to greet us in Aman Leap, then returned to Amananth.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve been to Amananth a lot of times already. Most of those times were with a oh-so-convenient memory block installed, however. This time, I’m there for what is mine.

“So… Amananth Station!

Where’s my Command Center, you hunk of junk?”

“With respect, of course.”

Silence. Scowl.

“I know you still have it, because that’s the only facility that could have kept me in cold sleep for that long.”

Nara looked at me a bit strangely then. Honestly, I had forgotten he was there for a moment. He begged off to rest, and I saluted him for his excellent flying. It takes guts to play in flux space in a Raven!

As he turned the corner, I continued, more quietly. Looking directly at one of the pickups, I continued.

“Fine, you no longer have an audience. C’mon. You know me, and what I can do. You’re still sitting right at the gate to flux space – don’t give me any rot about how long I was gone. You and I both know whose fault that was, and who helped keep things that way.

Yeah, I still have my access card. Section B-24? Right bulkhead. Thank you. You know what I can do for you. I was always one of your strongest supporters – and I’ve always cared about your Children. We’ll catch up more once I’m on a secure line. Thanks again.”

You probably don’t remember, but before Swarmbusters went online, we had a command center installed in Amananth station. I turned the keys to that over to Lupin, but… it was locked up and forgotten shortly thereafter.  It was locked up because I was in there. I was put into cold sleep, and the hasty battlefield triage Aelagi performed on the fly was…. repaired. Slowly. Apparently, the process was… difficult. So difficult that instead of months, it took years. I was just about finished when the Catastrophe happened. Amananth, being Amananth, took the process of recovery and reintegration of TRI in stride. Aelagi wasn’t so sanguine. She had a plan – and there was some… equipment surplus to requirements to hand.  I’ll let her tell her story, but I wasn’t the only one in there. the merc who… retrieved me… also took a nap – except he wasn’t being reconstructed, and having his cyborg parts replaced, upgraded, and rearranged. He woke up looking just the same as he did going in, the smirking punk.

Harvey, Golly, Aris and Petra were also salvaged. I’ve yet to meet them again. They are… wary. Possibly with good reason.

So, weren’t we the merry band, who whiled away more than a decade, ensconced in a high tech hidey-hole? We spared no expense putting that center together – and Aelagi made a few purchases of her own – not to mention a few deals. I’m back, all the machines are warmed up. It boots up to an eagle against a rising sun.

New Dawn.

ZeroZ95, Havik, backspace, Lupin, Vengy, Falcon… all my friends. samwise, the dearly departed. I need a deep breath, slightly shuddering – but that’s gone. It’s history now. Fond history – important history – but it’s the past.

I insert a datadisk, and the background changes. Code propagates, and the rising sun disappears, the eagle wavers, and is gone. It’s a time for new beginnings. The new fluxmap replaces the old up on the strategic display. The Conflux War Command Center it remains – my brainchild. Same management – a different era. New heroes are here – because I’m not the same person I was before. Nobody ever is.

The Barrier still needs defending – I was there at the battle that coined that phrase, after all. It’s still All Flux; All the Time – but there’s room for a bit of a smile when we say that. Don’t you think?

Looking at the image of a flux splattering on my windshield that replaced that venerable logo brings a smile. Whimsical name, it might be. You can’t help but see the whimsical when you were half-replaced with nanotech implants drawn from the virtual aether by a construct half-mad.

At least I’m not kickstarting every AI I encounter into sentience anymore. That, however, is a story for another day.  We’re FluxGuts now. As much as I loved New Dawn – that isn’t me these days. Different day, a different chapter – but the Flux are going to remember me.  Yes, indeed.

Now if I can only contact that Ni’bur fella.


No more notations. I’m so incredibly sick of notations. I finished the stupid fluxmap, typos and all that can go take a walk out the nearest airlock. I just wanted to kill flux – just fly. No more notes. I just blew up the nasty invading aliens, docked, blew up some more. Docked. That’s it. Killed exactly 100, which finished two missions. Hooray!

It also put me a mere 84 kills behind #12.

I’m going to pay a visit to Amananth. I have some equipment I need to turn on.

Some more numbers. I believe that I’ve now spawned every sector – many, many sectors require further testing, however. Here are tonight’s results. Noteworthy entries are in bold.

SS – 66| 1066677| 55| 89| 599
IG – 335566| 66| 345666| 5
Outskirts – 54| 3445
Light Lost – 66779910|
Pulsar – 9910| 111214| 12
SE – 7| 7789| 78910
FF – 78910| 77| 778910
OR – 667810
IS – 4| 466| 446
OS – 66910| 59
LG – 33445566| 3334556
LX – 56| 36| 3344556
LA – 8899101010| 78991010
OG – 5577999| 57810
GA – 8| 5
QG – 336
ES – 223
OV – 11

Outskirts should still spawn mantas – with only two tries, I’m not exactly convinced it has changed. In some ways, that’s also my feeling about Saron’s Eye. It should spawn a little higher, but with only a few tries, I’m not holding my breath. Greater Arm, however, was a surprise. With a c8 spawn, that’s a higher threat rating than is currently listed, and higher than I remember.

Ekoo’s spawns continue to be squid only.

So, if these numbers hold true – Azure Churn, Inner Aman, Path of Hordes, and Ekoo’s Stop are the sectors with lower threat levels. However, Orrus Minor and Major were both formerly listed as 10s as well. They need another good look.

Aman Hook. Blasted Corner, The Stith, Hyperial Gate, The Main Gate, The Bronci Rift, and Greater Arm seem to be the 7 culprits for a higher threat level – but unreg needs some more testing.

I’ll combine all the results below.

Aman Gate – c2,c3

Aman Hook – c9,2c8

Arkan’s Cloud – 3c3,c4| c4

The Azure Churn – c4,2c5,2c7| 2c6,c7,5c8| c4,2c7,2c8| 2c4,2c5,2c6,2c7,c8| c7,c8| c4,2c5,3c6| c5| c5| c6| c4,2c5

The Bronci Rift – c4,c5,2c6| c6| 3c3,2c6

Callow Passage  – c6

The Cerulean Clouds – 2c3,c4,c52c6

The Connexion – c6,2c5,c4,c3

The Dark – 2c3,c5,3c6

The Dark End – 2c2,3c4

The Dark Fork – 3c3

Dark Gateway – c3| c2,c3,c4| c2

The Dark Path – 2c3,c4,c5,c6

The Dark Trail – 4c2,4c3

The Divide – c2| 2c2| c2,2c3

The Edge – 2c3| 2c2,c3

Ekoo’s Stop – c3,2c2,2c1| 4c1,3c2| 223

Far Point – c4

The Fields – c3,3c4,3c5

Four Fingers – 78910| 77| 778910

Greater Arm – 8| 5

Greater Locks – 3c3,c4,3c5| c3,c5

Great Venure Belt – 2c3 | 6c3,3c2

The Gurge – 2c2,4c3| 3c2,3c3

Hirbel’s Channel – 3c2,3c3

Hook of Roh – c2,c3| 3c3

Hyperian  Hook – c5| 3c6,3c5

Hyperion Gate – c7,3c5

Imperial Causeway – c1| 3c1

Imperial Crossroads – c2

Imperial Gates – 6c1,c2

Inner Aman – 2c6| c7|

Inner Gyre – c4,c6| 335566| 66| 345666| 5

Inner Lighthouse – c3,c4,c6| c3,c4,c5,c6| c4

The Inner Oasis – 2c2,c3

Inner Roh Cloud – 5c2,4c3

Inner Storm – 4| 466| 446

Inner Third – 3c3,c4,2c5| 2c5| 4c3,c4

Last Parsec – 4c2,c3

The Last Point – 2c3,2c5,2c6| c3,2c4,2c5,3c6| c3, 2c4,2c5,2c6

The Lesser Locks – 5c3,c2

Lesser Arm – 8899101010| 78991010

Light Crossroads – 56| 36| 3344556

Light Gateway – 33445566| 3334556

Light Lost – 66779910|

Long Walk – c3

The Main Gate – c4| c6

Midpoint Rift – c3,3c4,c5

Mokk’s Battlefield– c6,c7,2c10,c12| c6,c8,10,c12

Morain Harbor – c2,c3| 2c3

Octavian Shore – c4,3c5| 2c3,3c5

Omni IV – 4c2,5c3

Omni V – 4c1,c2| 2c1

Orrus Major – c5,2c8| 3c4,c8| c7| 3c4,c5,c6,2c7,c8

Orrus Minor – c6| 2c6,c7| c5,c7

Orus’ Leg – 3c4,c5,c6

Orus’ Tail – 4c5,2c6,2c7| c5

Outer Cloud -3c4,3c3,c2| 2c4,2c3,c2| 2c4,3c2

The Outer Depths – c3

Outer Lighthouse – c2,2c3

The Outer Edge – 2c3| 2c3,2c4,2c5,2c6| c3,c4,c5,3c6

Outer Gyre – 5577999| 57810

The Outer Oasis – 2c2,c3

The Outer Rim – c4| c5,2c6

Outer Ring – 667810

Outer Roh Cloud  – c3, 3c4,2c5

Outer Storm – 66910| 59

Outer Third – 2c7,c8,c9,3c10

Outskirts – 54| 3445

Path of Hordes – 3c2,2c3| c3

Primus Point – 2c2,2c3| 4c3

Pulsar – 9910| 111214| 12

Purian Lake – c3| 2c3

The Quadrangle – c5

Quantar Gate – 336

Quantar Hook – c2

The Reaches – 3c3,2c2| 4c3,c2| c3| c2| 2c3,2c2| c2

The Rear Gate – 2c2| c2| 4c3,3c2

The Rim – c3| 2c2,2c3| 2c2,3c3

Ring View – c5| 3c3,c4,3c5| c3,4c4,c5

Rounds of Quantos – 2c4

Sark’s Passage – c5,2c6,3c8| c5,c8

Saron’s Shoulder -2c5,2c9,c10| 66| 1066677| 55| 89| 599

Saron’s Eye – 7| 7789| 78910

Sea of Solrain – 3c1,3c2

Square of Quantos  – c2

The Stith – c7

Third Gate – c2

Tictac’s Hook – c2,c3| c2,c3

Tranquilus Major -c3,2c4,c5,c6| c3,c4,2c5| c3,c42c5,2c6

Tranquilus Minor – c2

Tribular Canal – 2c2,3c3

Upper Third  – c2

Verselus’ Hook – c2,c3| 4c2,2c3

Vorgus 2 – c2,2c3| c3

Wanderer’s Pond – c2| 2c1,2c2

ZR – 6c4,2c2,c3



Ended up chasing a weird TRI message, then killing two swarms with Nafcon. That, however, took me down to Amananth space, and I’m glad it did,

Inner Aman – 2c6| c7|
TLP – 2c3,2c5,2c6| c3,2c4,2c5,3c6| c3, 2c4,2c5,2c6
The Dark – 2c3,c5,3c6
AG – c2,c3
IG – c4,c6
SS – 2c5,2c9,c10

Isn’t that bolded entry interesting? We’ll have to take another look at that one.

More numbers!

Spawn Log 118.01.12a
WP – 2c1,2c2
IL – c4
GL – c3,c5
DG – c2,c3,c4| c2
FP – c4
PP – 4c3
Sarks – c5,2c6,3c8| c5,c8
Edge – 2c3| 2c2,c3
Divide – 2c2| c2,2c3
Rim – 2c2,2c3| 2c2,3c3
OR – c4| c5,2c6
OE – 2c3| 2c3,2c4,2c5,2c6| c3,c4,c5,3c6
Mokks – c6,c7,2c10,c12| c6,c8,10,c12
Arkan’s Cloud – c4
IC – c2
DF – 3c3
V2 – c2,2c3| c3
Orrus Minor – c6| 2c6,c7| c5,c7
Orrus Major – c5,2c8| 3c4,c8| c7| 3c4,c5,c6,2c7,c8
IG – 6c1,c2
IC – c1| 3c1
VH – c2,c3| 4c2,2c3
OS – c4,3c5| 2c3,3c5
Gurge – 2c2,4c3| 3c2,3c3
RV – 3c3,c4,3c5| c3,4c4,c5
ES – 4c1,3c2
OV – 4c1,c2
OIV – 4c2,5c3
PoH – 3c2,2c3| c3
Quad – c5
TH – c2,c3| c2,c3
CP – c6
DE -2c2,3c4
Orus’ Leg – 3c4,c5,c6
UT – c2
OT – 4c5,2c6,2c7| c5
I3 – 3c3,c4,2c5| 2c5| 4c3,c4
O3 – 2c7,c8,c9,3c10
TDT – 4c2,4c3
ORC – c3, 3c4,2c5
IRC – 5c2,4c3
SoQ – c2
HoR – c2,c3| 3c3
TDP – 2c3,c4,c5,c6
LW – c3
3G – c2
QH – c2

I want some more data on the bolded sectors. The last “proper” map has the Orrus twins as equal levels, and higher than what I’m showing. They’re spawning 7 and 8 currently – but Major is consistent with 8s. Outer Third spawned lower than 12 – but I’ll be honest, I only respawned it once. That reeeeaaaalllly long anomaly discouraged me. Path of Hordes surprised me – with a c2 in there, I doubt it still spawns Mantas – but need more data.

Gurge, I want more data to make sure my memory isn’t broken. I could swear I’ve seen snail there before. Ekoo’s – that was a big surprise. No snails at all? C1s? Yowsa. I couldn’t get Long Walk to respawn for love nor money, even after waiting 15 minutes between, so we need more data on that.

I’m prepared to say, though, that Ekoo’s, PoH, and Azure Churn are probably 3 of our 4 “lower threat” sectors. I have a feeling that unreg will answer the rest of our questions – and that’s up next.

Ready for some tedium? I’m sure you are. One interesting datum, but otherwise fairly boring.


AH – c9,2c8
LP – 4c2,c3
Stith – c7
Connexion – c6,2c5,c4,c3
RV – c5
Ekoos – c3,2c2,2c1
RoQ – 2c4
HG – c7,3c5
GVB – 2c3 | 6c3,3c2
ZR – 6c4,2c2,c3
MG – c4| c6
Reaches – 3c3,2c2| 4c3,c2| c3| c2| 2c3,2c2| c2
Lesser Locks – 5c3,c2
Outer Cloud -3c4,3c3,c2| 2c4,2c3,c2| 2c4,3c2
Rear Gate – 2c2| c2| 4c3,3c2
Hyp Hook – c5| 3c6,3c5

Ekoo’s was spawning light, but I’ll need some more data before I downgrade it. I’m almost positive I was spawning higher there recently.

As you can see, I once again confirmed AH’s new classification, as well as Stith’s, Hyp Gate, Main Gate – as well as confirming that my memory about ZR and Outer Cloud was faulty – neither spawned above c4. The rest of Hyp space spawned correctly on my way out – I didn’t write it down, however, as I was in a hurry, carrying some Rushes to GP before I went off duty.


Divide – c2
The Rim – c3
Arkan’s – 3c3,c4
PP – 2c2,2c3
DG – c3
GL – 3c3,c4,3c5
OL – c2,2c3
PL – c3| 2c3
MH – c2,c3| 2c3
TranqMajor -c3,2c4,c5,c6| c3,c4,2c5| c3,c42c5,2c6
BR – c4,c5,2c6| c6| 3c3,2c6
Hirbel’s – 3c2,3c3
CC – 2c3,c4,c52c6
TC – 2c2,3c3
OD – c3
AC – c4,2c5,2c7| 2c6,c7,5c8| c4,2c7,2c8| 2c4,2c5,2c6,2c7,c8| c7,c8|
c4,2c5,3c6| c5| c5| c6| c4,2c5
OO – 2c2,c3
MR – c3,3c4,c5
IO – 2c2,c3
TranqMinor – c2
Fields – c3,3c4,3c5
SoS – 3c1,3c2
WP – c2|
IL – c3,c4,c6| c3,c4,c5,c6

GP to Wake spawned just as expected, which was unsurprising. I travel that way frequently. I confirmed TM and BR yet again – both are spawning solid 6, with an occasional 7 in BR, if not today.

Then, decided to take a spin and finish up the majority of Sol space. Only missed Narrow Canal in the last 48 hours, but I’ll catch it the next time I head to Hyperial. Everything in Sol space spawned precisely as expected – except Azure Churn. I respawned it repeatedly for a good test sample (10x), and didn’t get anything above a c8. Definitely needs a reclass – except, this time, downwards.

Will probably spend some time working on a stocking list for Flowbar tomorrow morning. Finished the day with 8660 kills.