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Thanks to RazorsKiss for his initial decryption work on this, and to Hammer-BS by taking that and converting it to this audio file.

Unfortunately, all of that work … and it’s just a Cromforge ad for the Haven Shield (and a very clipped/corrupted version at that).  Pretty ironic given recent news from Cromforge.  And I believe that’s the voice of Johnny Prime . . . who we recently have seen back in space!


I’m on a roll.  This was a VERY degraded DSS-1 found by Hammer-BS in The Fields on 116.6.11.  I was not expecting to be able to recover anything, but this is actually quite an extensive dataset — too large to post here, so if you want to take a shot at decrypting this, you can download the dataset HERE.

Another patrol night. Up to #7, as of tonight – now at 10,330 kills. Splashed a swarm with Kanthakeh in VH.

Set some plans in motion over the last day or two. Multiple plans (because it doesn’t do to have only one string to your bow) with multiple objectives.

Going to need some partners for this, though. No other way to handle it – but it needs handling. Things can’t go on the way they are.

Received the 10th Unity Stripe IV since The Catastrophe today. Killed 222 Conflux, including one swarm.

There were still achievements, of course – but that’s all dampened by the fact our officials are blind – and it bothers me.  Amananth is deaf and dumb, for the most part. Hyperial is saying a whole lot of nothing. Octavius hasn’t made a single comment about this affair. The Emperors good and well know me – I certainly had enough medals pinned on by them, at various times. Why am I being stonewalled? I won’t be ignored for much longer – this I assure you.

To top it off, UUNN’s nonsensical fearmongering and pilot-trashing is wearing. The nearly constant drumbeat from their stories is about how everything is our fault. We’re “afraid”, we’re “hoarding”, we’re causing layoffs, we’re causing killing sprees due to the layoffs, oh, and did we mention that pilots are apathetic, that we’re suprised when people turn out for events, that we scold pilots for either not showing up for events, or not showing up in great enough numbers? Read More

215 kills today, including a swarm in Inner Aman. Made it to #10, and finished the day with 9,717 kills.

Next stop is US IV, which will make only the tenth award of that ribbon since The Catastrophe. Started at GP, ran to QC, then to Aman. Did a full patrol of both Amananth and Hyperial space, and covered the majority of the new manta areas in the process. Finished the night at Wake. Glad to see that MadCat is back around, too.


Yeah, good intentions, all that nonsense. I really meant to pull into #12 tonight. Those swarms were just so tempting, though. Killed one in Aman Hook, docked at Amananth – just for a few minutes, since I was in a hurry; my project would wait –  took a little jaunt to flux space to help Nara kill a swarm in The Depths. Spawned two kraks, got a little armored because I was impatient, but no big deal. We splattered them all over the system, killed some Mants and snails that came to greet us in Aman Leap, then returned to Amananth.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve been to Amananth a lot of times already. Most of those times were with a oh-so-convenient memory block installed, however. This time, I’m there for what is mine.

“So… Amananth Station!

Where’s my Command Center, you hunk of junk?”

“With respect, of course.”

Silence. Scowl. Read More

No more notations. I’m so incredibly sick of notations. I finished the stupid fluxmap, typos and all that can go take a walk out the nearest airlock. I just wanted to kill flux – just fly. No more notes. I just blew up the nasty invading aliens, docked, blew up some more. Docked. That’s it. Killed exactly 100, which finished two missions. Hooray!

It also put me a mere 84 kills behind #12.

I’m going to pay a visit to Amananth. I have some equipment I need to turn on.