Monthly Archives: December 2017

Regular flux patrols today. Destroyed roughly 200 today, all told. Had some strange events occur in Connexion yet again, however, which cut my patrol short.  Pilot noodles reported an audio “mayday” message in Connexion – since I was also around for pilot hifly’s discovery of a similar message in Connexion, not quite two months previously, this piqued my interest. I was near GP at the time, so I headed that way at best speed. As I neared, he reported that he had potentially found the source of the message – a piece of wreckage he was sure wasn’t usually there. I jumped from Stith about that time, and headed to his location. He was at this structure, pictured below.


He was quite correct – the structure in the bottom left quadrant is not typically present in Connexion. It does not resemble any structure of Octavian or Quantar/Hyperial origin we’ve seen in the old battlegrounds, that I’ve seen. I also include an audio recording of the “mayday” that I managed to snag while present here. I have an uncompressed recording available as well, on request.

Shortly after this was recorded, noodles went to go grab a Griffin (he was playing around with a Raven at the time he discovered it), and pilot Oberothton joined us in Connexion as well, in a scout-class vessel. Sometime before he jumped in, probably while I was checking on the status of this recording, the structure disappeared. My ship was facing it – I looked away to monitor another screen, and it was gone. After returning, noodles did a complete search pattern, while I checked all the surrounding sectors, but we didn’t find anything else, and the object did not appear again. Unlike the previous Connexion appearance, there was no KTRI message accompanying it – only the audio mayday.

I sent the image and audio in to Nuncio at LP, so hopefully he’ll be able to supply a better writeup tomorrow. I see he’s already posted them to the ‘nets. Here’s hoping we can find more info about this object, and the mayday.


To be honest, I’ve mostly been processing things lately. Processing recent revelations, some recent artifact purchases, which necessitated a re-tooling effort for a short time towards artifact hunting and money-making to refill my personal coffers – in short, I haven’t been fluxing much for a week or so. Made back 25 million or so after some few mid-range arty purchases – but the money situation is much better now – and I have a complete artifact tow (minus the high-grade ab modx I’m still missing – but I’ll just join the club, there).

Started out at QC this morning with a mission load of chromium intended for GP, and some phosphorus to round it out for a 4m profit. Ran some grain back to OD, waited out a wind storm, docked, swapped out the tow’s arties (pce5s, pcp4, pcs4) for standard equip to head back to GP – grabbed Rushes, Hitmen, and a Knocker, since I saw they didn’t have any at GP.  Grabbed some base commods (with a mission) GP could use for production, and drop me a tidy profit, to boot. Dodged the persistent swarm hanging around Oct space since yesterday, docked and sold for the mission completion.

Got my Dragon back, and launched into the swarm. 2 phocs, a krak, 2 mantas, and 3 squid – definitely time to remind them why Oct space has a no loitering policy.  Wanted more missile hits, so armored one phoc with an MS, armored a krak with two screws, armored the c7 with the hellrazors, then armored the other phoc with guns. Finished both phocs off in successive passes. One-passed the krak, one passed the c7 the next flip, but took two on the c6, for whatever reason – probably bad angle setup, and therefore my own fault for being lazy. I had also killed a squid apiece on the krak and c7  as I passed, so finished off the last squid on the way back to the barn.

Only 8 kills today, but it’s still good to be back. Sometimes it’s necessary to pursue other goals temporarily, but it’s always satisfying when their completion allows you to return to the primary mission.

Eye of Roh HQ

I had not been on duty in many weeks and had been getting the itch to fly.  I launched from Stone Temple in my phoon and tuned the sectors surrounding Ekoos — and then headed to Quantar Core sector.  Once there I headed to Eye of Roh HQ — Brother Tesrend’s station.  I have not heard from him in several years and often wonder what happened.  After The Catastrophe, once the gates were opened again, he seemed to be everywhere — fighting, fluxing, manufacturing, stocking . . . and then he just disappeared.

So many have gone missing this way.

At Eye of Roh HQ, I switched from my phoon to the Khamsin we keep there, ready to mine.  I headed for Inner Roh Cloud for an hour of pureing, and was fortunate to easily find five different pure asteroids — a couple very large.  Once the ship started getting too sluggish from the heavy antimony, indium, iridium and cobalt I had found, I headed back to QC Station to cash-in.

Once the Paymaster had credited my account, I headed back Eye of Roh.

I have to do this again soon.  It felt good.