Pilot RazorsKiss: Log Entry 117.10.30

Did a long patrol from Aman to GBS and back. Headed to Oct space. Killed roughly 90 flux in the course of that patrol route.  Exterminator of the Void again. Jumped into a tow at OP, kicked some tier 1 commods around a bit, then started moving OFoods and MFoods for  Exorzismus. Alas, technical issues brought me back to Core 4 times in a row – so I parked her, to let the techs get a good look at her. Going to have to get that moved tomorrow. Quietly, of course.

Heard there was an alert up in Sol space earlier today – in Outer Depths. Pilot I heard it from didn’t know what caused it. It was already amber when he saw it. Happens to be the same sector I chased that sentient into an anomaly. Which reminds me – still got that scan data under guard.


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