Pilot RazorsKiss: Log Entry 117.10.27

Woke up to this:

As soon as I checked the map, I saw this:

Wasn’t I just saying something about the strategic importance of the Great Barrier Station?

Infests cut off GBS from every direction but one. Inner Gyre>Saron’s Shoulder, and Four Fingers>Outskirts. Scrambled and headed to Core for a Raptor. Dropped the SS infest, opened the way to GBS. Used GBS stocks to knock out the OS infest.

Headed back to Oct space, patrolled a bit – jumped in a HM and added some basic commods. Took a tow to Core and made some T2 commods with those – took some OFs to SC for the FM – now at 18.9%. Ran some grain to SD, collected some more basic commods for GP production.

Two notes: Lothar’s Landing nuke stocks were very low to begin with. Amananth stocks are similarly low. Need to do some biomass harvesting – maybe as a group? This only demonstrates that GBS’ position is strategically important. Defender of the Barrier exists for a reason. If you ever wondered what “Barrier” referred to – wonder no more.


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