Plot RazorsKiss: Log Entry 117.10.24

Sorry this is late. Mostly ran cargo yesterday – especially magnesium, and other commods for Synthetics. Working on setup for the Amananth FM, filling in with money runs. Had a bit of a verbal set-to with Torm Danton earlier that day – he claims he’s owned the Bar at GBS since AT 100. I don’t remember him, and we flew out of GBS for quite a long time. Anyway, it was over that Pirate, Saffire. He claims she “just” shot down a Civ in reg space. Other pilots claim she has PoD’d them before. I’ll take their word over his. Especially since Saffire’s pilot registry isn’t publicly available.  In any case, we had a bit of a heated exchange, with him threatening to “help pack my gear.”

See, them’s fighting words. I invited him to go ahead and try. He was highly visible at GBS yesterday, but didn’t say anything to me. Well, after careful thought, I decided that there was an easy way to hamstring a Pirate and her fence, the bartender. More on that tomorrow. Didn’t even up doing the FM – hifly finished it – with water, not Synths. Amananth is losing it.


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