Pilot RazorsKiss: Log Entry 117.10.14

Saw Dr. Dannewar bleating about credits. I thought he was Solrain? Some people just live in a perpetual fog – especially researchers. I could tell you some stories…

In any case, I sent in a press release to UUNN with a proposal. I won’t scoop them, though. If they accept it, you’ll see it soon enough. If not, I have alternatives.

Started out in Sol space – FM keeps asking for Water, Organic Foods, and Chromium. Look, I’m all about helping out, but when nowhere but GBS has Water… and Core stations are Organic Foods producers (which means buying OF from SC is prohibited)?  I’m not flying all the way to Oct space for your Chromium, or your Organic Foods, either, fellas. Sorry. Remember the 7 Ps.. Get it together, you Smurfs.

So, onward I went. To Hyp space. Something’s bugging me about Hyperial. I got that same feeling again. Something just on the edge of memory… but then it slips away. Did some cross-referencing in that batch of files I mysteriously acquired the other day – I found a couple of names with linkages with Hyperial that trouble me, in my past. Even more interestingly, I have no memory of the incidents in question.  HSS… something? I haven’t looked through everything, though. Maybe I’ll find it if I look harder. I bugged out again, though. Everyone is still avoiding me there. Makes me want to go nuke something. If only I had something that could equip nukes… that infest of Gurge/OS is really getting on my nerves.

Went to Quant space. Ran a bunch of transports. A BUNCH of transports, with Pilot luziferi, who seems to be enjoying his new Peri quite a bit. Chatted with ORBITER and Sinver a bit about fluxing. Jumped two ranks – I’m now a First Commander – can now buy Whistles (finally!) Transports, or Light Miners. Daddy needs a couple mil, ya dig?

Most importantly, of course – got my Unity Stripe I, and 52 flux kills for the day. Take that, you pink freaks. Just you wait. I’ll have my ‘Nix soon. Just you wait and see.



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