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Did a long patrol from Aman to GBS and back. Headed to Oct space. Killed roughly 90 flux in the course of that patrol route.  Exterminator of the Void again. Jumped into a tow at OP, kicked some tier 1 commods around a bit, then started moving OFoods and MFoods for  Exorzismus. Alas, technical issues brought me back to Core 4 times in a row – so I parked her, to let the techs get a good look at her. Going to have to get that moved tomorrow. Quietly, of course.

Heard there was an alert up in Sol space earlier today – in Outer Depths. Pilot I heard it from didn’t know what caused it. It was already amber when he saw it. Happens to be the same sector I chased that sentient into an anomaly. Which reminds me – still got that scan data under guard.


Short flight time today. Just made a quick patrol path down through Amananth via GBS. 78 flux kills. No additional infestations sighted. Was pleasantly surprised to see a significant number of pilots in-flight, however. Quantar: Roidrider and Tarkra, Solrain: Trent, ORBITER, and Sinver. Octavius: Moros.

Uneventful patrol, save the triple Nauts and a Phoc in Inner Aman – but that isn’t too unusual. They were all destroyed, although I sustained heavy armor damage from an ill-executed pass early on. Nothing further to report.

Woke up, finished up a run I had scheduled to OD for this morning. Took a run from OD via GP, then to Sol Core, with the Organic Foods I’d collected last night. Did a bit more for the FM – but had a bit of a situation with an Octavian factionalist – callsign “Brutio“. Oct space was blue right then, because earlier that morning, some enterprising Solrain had turned all of Oct space blue, for their Matrix medal, I’d assume. Brutio was less forgiving. In fact, he blamed me for allowing it to happen, for whatever reason. I mean, tow pilots with full loads scheduled for first thing AM should be keeping beacons red, right? Apparently, being a Fluxhunter is “cowardly” – and Flux are “irrelevant.” He had nothing to say about a cargo pilot building commods and equipment. I suggested that since flux were so irrelevant, he should launch from OP right then. (There was a swarm in that station sector.)  He ignored that suggestion, being entirely too logical. He decided to order me to find the pilot responsible – I declined. Firstly, because I significantly outrank him – and secondly, because I don’t know who he is, anyway. If he was so worried about beacon status, maybe he should have been here – once, at least – sometime in the last month or so.  I know I’ve got no room to complain about things that happened while I was gone! However, in the last month, luziferi has been the only other Octavian pilot that has flipped a beacon – other than me. So the fact that I wasn’t maintaining them early this AM, Ekoos, doesn’t particularly bother me. Seeing beacons any color is a rarity, to tell the truth. I can’t begrudge that Sol his beacon fun – considering my Blue and Green Matrix medals…

In any case, Brutio decided to threaten (over f5) to shoot me down while I was still at Sol Core. So, being the sort to plan ahead, I bought Morning Stars and Screwdrivers – you never know.  I returned to Oct space; while in Arkan’s Cloud, about 15k from the OP gate, I see flux spawn, and Brutio takes off from the gate – right at me. My missile warning goes off – I ignore it. Shields take a minor ding, no big deal. He started to fire after that, however – my shields went below 25%, so I launched the whole rack right into his teeth. Given the ‘Nix’s missile box, that was a pretty much guaranteed kill, with him directly ahead, less than 4k from me at launch. He was riding a pod a second or two later. Don’t regret it, precisely, but it was a completely avoidable incident. If he had left it at the missile launch, and hadn’t gone so deep into my shields, I probably wouldn’t have splashed him. I had a nearly priceless Antiflux, and arties I didn’t want to lose onboard, however – not to mention millions worth of cargo for Octavius production.  Got a pretty sizable PR hit from the kill (down to 75 from 120 or so).  Used to be, splashing a bountied pilot didn’t give you a PR hit – he had 10k on him at the time. Also used to be firing at a civ-tagged tow was a big deal, too. His protestations of “tags don’t matter” and “only honor and duty matter” seemed a bit hollow afterwards, to my ear. Maybe that’s just echoes of my ION service back in the day.

He left shortly thereafter – can’t feel all that great to get splashed by the tow you tried to civrip, I’d imagine. I swapped to a Nix and started patrolling toward Amananth. I noticed upon entering unreg that the LX-Nexx gate and the LX-FP gates were both infested. Swarm activity around that area was extremely high, as well. Two swarms essentially circled that area all afternoon, and continue to do so at this moment.  The infestation of LX-Nexx was quite tough – took 24 nukes to finish it. The infestation of LX-FP was slightly less resilient – it “only” took 17. Used stocks from both EE and GBS.

Only racked up roughly 190 kills the last two days. A little off my pace – but I was also trying to build up my credits for some stocking operations. Succeeded, for the most part – but 41 nukes cut into it a little bit.  Ah well. That’s the job, isn’t it?  Made High Preceptor first thing this morning, made Phaeton in the midst of swarmbusting.

Eventful day, overall. While I’m not happy about the PR hit down to 75 – I doubt Brutio will call me a coward again. Two infests isn’t a bad nights work, regardless of whatever else occurred.

Woke up to this:

As soon as I checked the map, I saw this:

Wasn’t I just saying something about the strategic importance of the Great Barrier Station?

Infests cut off GBS from every direction but one. Inner Gyre>Saron’s Shoulder, and Four Fingers>Outskirts. Scrambled and headed to Core for a Raptor. Dropped the SS infest, opened the way to GBS. Used GBS stocks to knock out the OS infest.

Headed back to Oct space, patrolled a bit – jumped in a HM and added some basic commods. Took a tow to Core and made some T2 commods with those – took some OFs to SC for the FM – now at 18.9%. Ran some grain to SD, collected some more basic commods for GP production.

Two notes: Lothar’s Landing nuke stocks were very low to begin with. Amananth stocks are similarly low. Need to do some biomass harvesting – maybe as a group? This only demonstrates that GBS’ position is strategically important. Defender of the Barrier exists for a reason. If you ever wondered what “Barrier” referred to – wonder no more.

Did a quick patrol of Oct space. Sinver destroyed the infestation near Oct Depot. Did a swing by GBS to make sure my… adjustments… were still in place. All good. Headed down to Amananth. Tuned everything, did patrols back and forth between and around Amananth and GBS the rest of the day. Felt good to be in the old, familiar places, doing the old, familiar things. Speaking of which, there’s something I just have to get off my chest.

This Danton, whoever he is, doesn’t understand the importance of his station’s location to the real threat. Bleating about past occupants and current business partners don’t do a thing to prepare (or maintain) the station for it’s real purpose. ISU’s presence – and their legacy – was transitory.  GBS is the gateway to Amananth – and Amananth is the front lines. Always. It’s the jumping off point – the closest /homing station to Pulsar, and the direct access to Amananth space.  It’s on no freight lanes, save for water runs, and fighters using that station as a base have a slog through all sorts of nonsense to get anywhere involving factional warfare. It’s sole strategic value is as the closest point to Pulsar – and right off of both routes through Amananth from Flux space.

Fluxhunters will be around GBS as long as there’s a war with the Conflux. It’s the natural waypoint of any patrol route through Aman Gate. Inner and Outer Gyre have to be patrolled, to keep watch on Pulsar. Directly off of those two sectors is Light Gateway, which has to be kept open, as the name implies. There are a multitude of reasons that New Dawn placed a special priority on GBS. That’s why anything that jeopardizes the security of that station as a fluxhunter’s base can’t be tolerated.

Enough of that, though. I see Dannewar finally got around to repeating everything I deduced about that signal once it was decoded.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose. I’ll just say it again – he’s an odd Solrain.

Had a bunch of pilots around today, at one time or another. Drevent, vorlon31, Sinver, the hifly collective, ORBITER, Ambrosius, and RIDIC.

I’m now Preceptor RazorsKiss – and #100 on the Flux Kills standings.  About 350 kills for the day.

Spent late morning/early afternoon on a (sort of) clandestine mission. It involved lots of beer, Sol /home equipment, and a six-pack of Octavius Light – just in case someone got thirsty, and can’t manage to stomach the water.

Worth every credit spent, too. I remember pirates – from GBS – with hidden pilot registries. I also remember what bartenders we had on GBS. Try that story on someone with a shorter memory, “Torn”. I know a fence when I see one.

Spent a few loads recouping a portion of the losses – then headed to GP for a Dragon. Every bit as wonderfully full of overkill as I remembered, that ship.

Pirates don’t scare me, and flux certainly don’t. Bartenders? They just end up with their beer at another station. Enjoy the Oct Light – a pick a better story next time.

In other news: LP is up and running. hifly3 had some troubling information to impart about the Amananth mission – but also got their OPIV ribbon, as well as an infest kill tonight. Sinver got his 14,000th kill, busted a swarm (that was on my route – thanks, Sinver!) and cracked an infestation. Another pirate (briefly) showed up near Wake station – Flint.

Sorry this is late. Mostly ran cargo yesterday – especially magnesium, and other commods for Synthetics. Working on setup for the Amananth FM, filling in with money runs. Had a bit of a verbal set-to with Torm Danton earlier that day – he claims he’s owned the Bar at GBS since AT 100. I don’t remember him, and we flew out of GBS for quite a long time. Anyway, it was over that Pirate, Saffire. He claims she “just” shot down a Civ in reg space. Other pilots claim she has PoD’d them before. I’ll take their word over his. Especially since Saffire’s pilot registry isn’t publicly available.  In any case, we had a bit of a heated exchange, with him threatening to “help pack my gear.”

See, them’s fighting words. I invited him to go ahead and try. He was highly visible at GBS yesterday, but didn’t say anything to me. Well, after careful thought, I decided that there was an easy way to hamstring a Pirate and her fence, the bartender. More on that tomorrow. Didn’t even up doing the FM – hifly finished it – with water, not Synths. Amananth is losing it.