Monthly Archives: January 2017

Greetings artifact hunters !!!

-=DSRG=- is in great need of UC 12 artifacts to complete the current and upcoming repair drones.

So its time to get you involved.

we will be paying a premium price of 3 million credits per unit

And here is the kicker we will also be awarding some highly desirable artifacts to the top 3 suppliers

first place pilot will recieve an AB4

second place pilot will recieve an AB3

third place pilot will recieve an EB3

starting on tridate 117.2.1 a DSRG drone will be on call at the DSRG-r-OP’s Station in Outpost sector at rotacol-coordinate¬†23.9 14.3 -27.7 to accept UC 12`s

this competition will continue until tridate 117.2.29 or until 100 units have been delivered.

good luck hunting



p.s: current staff and drones from -=DSRG=- are excluded from the competition