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In Transit to Solrain Core

Tonight I am making Machined Parts.  I’m in a tug filled to capacity with iron, chromium, zinc and water so the going is slow.  Comm channels are quiet, so I’m passing the time by writing this log as I go.

Fortunately, there are no swarms or storms in my path, so the journey should be uneventful.  I’m taking the back-roads route to Sol Core — up through Lesser Locks and Narrow Canal.

As I pass the station debris in GVB sector, It brings back memories of the stories told by Brother Io of the last GVB war and the massacre at Zantor Station.  Entering Main Gate, the territory of those murderous Hyperials, makes my blood boil — but I have to stay focused on the mission at hand.

It is quite beyond comprehension why, after all these years, the Sols have not managed to move the roids guarding the Lesser Locks gate out of the way.  So inconvenient.

As usual there are no beacons tuned, but I guess it makes little difference these days with so few criminals, pirates and enemy attack fleets around.  Still … it feels wrong.

Finally I am in Sol Core sector.  Foolishly I forgot to replenish my flashfires before launching, so I have just one left for emergency braking.

So here I am now.  Docked at Sol Core — the Belly of the Beast.  Jewel of the Solrain Commonwealth and still the hub of TRI — which claims to be just another corporation now, but somehow I doubt it.  I have unloaded my cargo and now just wait for production.  I’ll be sleeping in the cockpit tonight.


Tripoint Station

Today’s duty was all about variety.  It started with a little bit of tuning — from Quantar Core thru Omni V to Ring View.  Then I made a quick stop at The Stone Temple to switch to the ST-Xplorer (Ranger), and then launched to tune out to GVB.

On the way back, I decided to do a little bit of artifact hunting in Hyperion Gate where I found a CB1 and a UC6.

Docked at Stone Temple again, switched to the ST-Digger and headed out to mine the large Precious roid in Ekoos.  Then back to Stone Temple to refine.

While running through reports at the station I noticed that Optics were in very short supply.  We had a strategic supply of Machined Parts at Stone Temple, so I hauled about half of them to Tripoint to make Optics.

Sitting here on Tripoint with a Q-Ice as I write this, waiting for the Optics manufacturing to finish.

it finally happened 🙂

the first operational deployment of the DSRG drones  !!

after a call from TRI to repair the plutonuim factory in Octavius Core sector both current operational drones where activated and dispatched to the facility.

Drones  DSRG-r-OP controlled by myself

DSRG-r-QC controlled by pilot Aeghwhyn

arrived in sector not long after and started repairs at 2000 hrs

with the factory being at stage 2 and 75% structure it took about 2 hours to fully repair the plutonium factory which is now again fully operational

both drones and Aeghwhyn recieved the keval thanks medal for their hard work

a conflux swarm caused a bit of a moment when the Qc drone misfired its jump engines and triggered it but was dragged into deepspace by AEghwhyn and later destroyed by the consul.

Ps sorry sinver for flying to core to dispatch the swarm and seeing the consul brushing up on target practise

PPS. im happy to say the deployment was a succes and both drones have returned to their holding bases .

with many drones still under construction i can see a bright future for them

regards  Clanlord