Monthly Archives: September 2016

I have completed decryption of DSS 116.7.27D1G-0. It yielded an image of  this hand-written report. The author could be a person called Horat Bario. The line below might be some kind of timestamp (2725.4).




I tried to make out this handwriting and got:

The sisters told me to feed the boy Atticus to an Ekel, but I cannot bring myself to kill a(n) heir to the Empire. A local witch says that he can be rendered … using a tea made from the root of the Desert Pine. She says if he is kept in the state for several months, he will forget his very name once he is allowed to withdraw and … So that is what I must do. I fear the judgement of my ancestors and expect an(d) early and honorless death. But I prefer this consequence rather than bowing to the will of Drusa and Priscilla.


Some text parts are still missing though – maybe anyone can help?


Another DSS recovered in The Split has resulted in a huge dataset.  Those wishing to aid in the decryption effort can access it HERE.

This was a DSS-1 in “Good” condition and it was found by Hammer-BS.  Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing the data.

I met Jalil Aq’tamm yesterday.  He was here at Wake to talk with the DSS decryption engineers.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but he was a very normal guy.  Sort of like me, but a little older.  I guess he’s pretty smart.

Well after two years as the Assistant to Pilot Liaison del Babon, my job was eliminated.  They said it was some kind of cost-cutting thing, but I know it was about the DSS.  I do what I’m told pretty well, and dumping the DSS and UCs in the storage bay was just what I was told.  But someone had to be blamed and I was about as low on the totem-poles as you get so …

Anyway, I found another open position straight-off.  It’s on Wake.  I like Wake Station better than Cornea … lots more people; lots more activity.  Just the berth had to be a lot smaller because it’s more expensive here, too.