Monthly Archives: August 2016

Finally got a quick one — this was a DSS3 in poor condition, that was recovered by Hammer_BS in Outer Roh Cloud.  As huge as the last dataset was, this one is tiny — so I suspect it doesn’t include much:

167 71 157 130 110 142 62 57 171 154 56 164 151 142

EDIT – 116.8.18

In case you did not see the comment, this turned out to be a live hyperlink to a 14-year-old mining newsletter (click on the pic to see the full page):

Harm Journal


The DSS decrypted code yielded an audio file (base64 in ascii octal code) – very badly corrupted though.

It seems to be a log entry from a Solrain pilot. For me it’s very hard to understand enough to have a clue what he’s talking about.

There was also a time-stamp on the DSS saying it was from 4780.9.17!

If it’s BT (=Before TRI), it would be unbelievable old – shortly after space flight was discovered, but before the plasma drive was invented.

I hope we can solve this secret.