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I was able to decrypt the latest DSS which was not corrupted at all. This is the content:


Mission Report 038.5.12 Priority: High. Classification: Z-Restricted. We have entered the station. It is eerie in its absolute emptiness. We have been unable to access much other than the flight deck yet, but we did find one accessible section with 21 functioning cryo-chambers. They are metallic and non-transparent so there is no way to know what is inside. Review the image I am providing and provide direction on how to proceed.


This image was on the DSS as well:



Some questions remain…

  • What was the purpose of this mission?
  • Who wrote the mission report?
  • Which station are they talking about? Looking at the colour of the chambers and the fact that I found this DSS in Aman space, Amananth would be the obvious answer. But who knows?
  • If it is Amananth – is this how the Amanthi reproduce themselves?



Data has been recovered from a DSS3 in “Perfect” condition.  This one was found in The Split by Hammer-BS.  There is not a lot here.

(:v{`_bx45@^J=]H@ ]5664@CA @E H@9 ?@ ?@:E46C:5 65:G@CA 5?2 8?:5:G@CA >2 x 682>: 69E H6:G6# ]65:D?: D: E29H H@?< @E J2H @? D: 6C69E @D E?6C2AD?2CE\?@? 5?2 4:==2E6> 6C2 J69% ]DC63>294\@JC4 8?:?@:E4?F7 `a 9E:H ?@:E46D 6=3:DD6442 6?@ 5?:7 5:5 6H EF3 [E6J <465 E98:=7 69E ?29E C69E@ 94F> DD6442 @E 6=32?F ?663 6G29 6( ]DD6?:EA>6 6EF=@D32 DE: ?: 6:C66 D: Ex ]?@:E2ED 69E 56C6E?6 6G29 6( ]56E4:CED6#\+ i?@:E24:7:DD2=r ]98:w iJE:C@:C! a`]d]gb_ EC@A6# ?@:DD:|

Good luck to my friend Hammer or to anyone else wanting to take a shot and this.

I have completed data recovery from this DSS4 in Good condition, which was found by Hammer-BS in Outer Roh Cloud.  I have not seen anything quite like this before.

| t | ~ # p } s & |
!C@;64Ei tI@5FD
s:DEC:3FE:@?i $6=64E q@2C5 |6>36CDj v6?6C2= !2CE?6CD

x?G6DE:82E:@?D 2C6 F?56C H2J E@ >@G6 >2?F724EFC:?8 @7 25G2?465 >:?:?8 AC@5F4ED 7C@> r@CC:5@C DE2E:@? E@ vq$ $64E@C H96C6 H6 A=2? @? 3F:=5:?8 2 3C2?5 ?6H AC@5F4E:@? 724:=:EJ] %96 ?6H 724:=:EJ H:== :?:E:2==J 36 AC@5F4:?8 2? :>AC@G65 |{\p>A] (6 2C6 9@A:?8 E@ 368:? E96 >:DD:@? E@ >@G6 2== C6BF:C65 4@?DECF4E:@? 4@>A@?6?ED E@ vq$ $E2E:@? 3J “_]`a]`]
p=E9@F89 E96 :?:E:2= >@G:?8 2?5 =2F?49:?8 4@DED H:== 36 9:89[ H6 7@C6D66 D:8?:7:42?E =@?8\E6C> E2I D2G:?8D 2?5 >F49 H:56C 5:DEC:3FE:@? @AA@CEF?:EJ] p55:E:@?2==J[ 3J 92G:?8 2? @A6C2E:@? @FED:56 “F2?E2C AFCG:6H[ H6 4C62E6 2? @AA@CEF?:EJ E@ AFCDF6 >@C6 288C6DD:G6 2?5 F?76EE6C65 #Us]
p=E9@F89 H6 <?@H E96 D:EE:?8 >6>36CD @7 E96 u2’9:= |6>E2 H:== DEC@?8=J @AA@D6 E9:D >@G6[ H6 92G6 2 9:89=J A=2465[ A@H6C7F= 2==J H:E9:? “F2?E2C[ 2?5 @FC 2==J 92D 2AAC@24965 “$$![ @?6 @7 E96 =2C86DE[ >@DE :?7=F6?E:2= DBF25D 2?5 9@A6D E@ 82:? E96:C DFAA@CE 7@C @FC 677@CE 😕 6I492?86 7@C @FC DFAA@CE @7 E96:C ?6H 32D6 @7 @A6C2E:@?D 😕 vq$]
(6 H:== <66A J@F 7F==J 2AAC:D65 2D !92D6 x 677@CED 4@?E:?F6]