Monthly Archives: April 2016

Amananth Station

When I awoke this morning at my berth on Quantar Core, I decide to review the econ board and noticed that a load of Machined Parts — which had been scarce and disappearing regularly when produced — had been dropped at Amananth Station, where they are needed to provide a number of things including Instigators.  I decided to go on duty early and support this econ effort.

In order to get Instigator production fired up, CPUs were needed . . . and in order to get CPU production going, Indium was required.  So I located a sizable supply of Indium at Oct Core (at a reasonable price) — and since Oct Core did not need Indium for any production, I got into my freighter and headed up there to grab all of it.

The trip to Oct Core was uneventful and empty.  I grabbed the full load of Indium as well as a cargo mission to Amananth, and then topped off my load with gold, for RAM production (and a handsome profit as well).  Before launching I checked the map and sure enough there was a Conflux Swarm in Diluted Reaches and there was a 50-50 chance it could become a problem by the time I got my very heavy load of cargo down into the Connex/Stith area.

Twenty minutes later, my fears were realized and the swarm lay directly in my path.  I considered re-routing but that would take a lot of time in itself, so I decided the best choice was patience.  I slowly tracked behind the swarm as it moved from The Stith, to Last Parsec and Aman Hook.  Then I got lucky when it jumped into Canis instead of The Gyre.  I pushed my engines to the limit and past, praying to Hamalzah  that I could make it through Aman Hook and Gyre  — and dock before another swarm popped in to Amananth from Conflux Space.

Twelve minutes later I was docked, unloaded and calculating my profits as I watched the first Instigator show up on the market board.  Mission accomplished — thanks largely to whoever produced, stored and hauled those Machine Parts.  Many blessings on you, whoever you are.