Jalil’s Journal 116.1.20

Well we have made some small progress with decryption of the latest data.  It appears to be a graphic, but it is corrupted.  If anyone has expertise in this area, please contact me.

  1. Hammer-BS said:

    Hi Jalil,

    is everything ok with you?
    I wanted to answer to your questions, but it seems your communication-system has been sabotaged…

    The 16-DSS-collection was from sector Outer-Roh-Cloud,
    the 10 DSS from Aman space were all from sector ‘The Split’.

    I hope you can find something valuable. 🙂


    • jalildss said:

      I’m OK. This is the second time my tri-subspace connection had gone down. My paranoia makes me believe it’s because someone is fiddling with it.


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