Personal Log

Eye of Roh HQ/Quantar Core

I started my run tonight at Sol Core where I had parked my freighter after delivering a load of commods for Machined Parts, and then took a few days R&R.  I immediately heard chatter that thee was sentient activity in Quantar, but the sent was not showing itself.

Figuring I’d be late to the game anyway, I made a run to Sol Depot, and then back down to Quant space.  Much to my surprise, the sentient was still in QC when I got there — albeit still hidden and spawning drones on the defenders there.

I burned for the docking rings, dropped my load of Nitrogen and Cesium, and then launched out to Eye of Roh HQ (Brother Tesrend’s station) here in QC sector.  Once there, I switched into a Tornado HF and headed out into the fray.

There were a few Nautiloids and a veritable swarm of Jellies, but no sent, except for periodic song.  The next thing I heard was someone yelling on F5 that a gate had been infested.  I headed to QC to dock and trade my Nado for a Monsoon loaded with Nukes.  It too only one run to take out the infestation.

I think that got the sentient’s attention because it suddenly appeared right near QC and I burned to intercept in my sluggish bomber.  It was a C9 Krakken sent — which means fast and nimble … not a great match for my ship.  But there were plenty of others in sector, pursuing in Tensys, Phoons, and Invaders, so I tried to anticipate the sent’s course, cut it off, and bring my quad Barraks to bear on it.  Taking down the sent was a group effort, but I managed to get the kill-shot.

Cargo delivered, infestation knocked down and sentient killed.  That’s what I call “quite a night!”


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