Personal Log

Corridor Station

I launched intending on doing more common-ore mining but saw a battle marker in Quantar Core sector, so I turned around and docked my Khamsin at The Stone Temple and switched to my Phoon.

I caught the tail end of a pretty significant Conflux incursion in QC, with the target apparently being the RB-2 Custom Producer.  There were several waves of conflux drones ranging from C14 Nauts down to lowly C0 Jellyfish.

While we were occupied with the drones, the sentient C14 made a bombing run on the CP.  I pealed away and burned all of my FFs to catch up to it, but we were unable to destroy the sent before it had landed its nuke on the CP.  Fortunately there were enough defender to discourage too many runs and the CP sustained only light damage.

Once it was clear that the sentient activity was done, I switched gears and decided to crank up Synthetics production at Corridor.  I headed back to Ekoos and The Stone Temple for a freighter.  I grabbed a load of Carbon that the Brotherhood had in storage on the station and then headed to GBS for more Carbon, Nitrogen and Water.

The trips to GBS and then back to Corridor were completely uneventful.  Once at Corri, I docked and waited as the servos emptied my holds.  Almost immediately, the production facility there began producing Synthetics.

Mission accomplished. Farishaba ‘at Hamalzah!

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  1. ambrosiusjg said:

    It’s so discouraging. After hauling commods to Corridor to make Synthetics last night, I find some moron has moved them to QC — not because they are needed there … just for a profit run. So now if I want to use them for Electronics (my original intent) I have to go to QC and buy them at a premium price.

    It IS possible to make a profit AND haul things where they are needed.

    USE you BRAIN … and:


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