tri date 116.1.5
-=DSRG=- headquarters

At last i`m back where i belong.
After a few months of mining under the quantar and solrain factions i`m finally back to my beloved Octavia.
Today the headquarters in Vorgus 2 was rebuild , or at least the first stages of it , main structure and hanger are operational and the first of my ships are waiting on the deck for me.

Flight testing on the first repair droid continues and DWoc has offered to do flight testing on the second droid that was activated today.
With their resources they can do the testing a whole lot faster than i can do with my skeletal crew.

Still a lot of work to do before all the droids are completed and ready for deployment but i never ran away from long term projects.

Not yet ready to get back into the artifact trade but that will be soon

now to sort through all the reports on my desk .
Sheez just got in and already swamped by paperwork.

1 comment
  1. Sinver said:

    Good to see you finally on track! I’ll buy the first ab4 from you that you find!


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