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Well we have made some small progress with decryption of the latest data.  It appears to be a graphic, but it is corrupted.  If anyone has expertise in this area, please contact me.


I have recovered data from another of the DSS given to me by Hifly.  This is, by FAR, the biggest dataset retrieved to date.  I pass it on you the pilots for now — but if it is too big a job, I will hand it off to the “professionals.”  I just hate to do that because I am not convinced of their complete transparency in these things.

Because of the size of the file, I am attaching it as a document.


If, for some reason, you need to contact me privately, use:

Eye of Roh HQ/Quantar Core

I started my run tonight at Sol Core where I had parked my freighter after delivering a load of commods for Machined Parts, and then took a few days R&R.  I immediately heard chatter that thee was sentient activity in Quantar, but the sent was not showing itself.

Figuring I’d be late to the game anyway, I made a run to Sol Depot, and then back down to Quant space.  Much to my surprise, the sentient was still in QC when I got there — albeit still hidden and spawning drones on the defenders there.

I burned for the docking rings, dropped my load of Nitrogen and Cesium, and then launched out to Eye of Roh HQ (Brother Tesrend’s station) here in QC sector.  Once there, I switched into a Tornado HF and headed out into the fray.

There were a few Nautiloids and a veritable swarm of Jellies, but no sent, except for periodic song.  The next thing I heard was someone yelling on F5 that a gate had been infested.  I headed to QC to dock and trade my Nado for a Monsoon loaded with Nukes.  It too only one run to take out the infestation.

I think that got the sentient’s attention because it suddenly appeared right near QC and I burned to intercept in my sluggish bomber.  It was a C9 Krakken sent — which means fast and nimble … not a great match for my ship.  But there were plenty of others in sector, pursuing in Tensys, Phoons, and Invaders, so I tried to anticipate the sent’s course, cut it off, and bring my quad Barraks to bear on it.  Taking down the sent was a group effort, but I managed to get the kill-shot.

Cargo delivered, infestation knocked down and sentient killed.  That’s what I call “quite a night!”

The following code was just retrieved from a PC-DSS3- Gold that was given to me several months ago by Hifly.  I am trying to focus right now on data retrieval and will go back and try to decode once I have successfully recovered data from a few more DSS.

57 4b 48 20 51 44 51 57 4b 20 56 57 44 51 47 56 20 55 48 44 47 42 20 49 52 55 20 57 4b 48 20 44 50 44 51 57 4b 4c 20 53 48 52 53 4f 48 2e 20 20 57 52 53 44 42 44 20 44 5a 44 4c 57 56 2c 20 45 58 57 20 4c 57 20 5a 4c 4f 4f 20 57 44 4e 48 20 50 44 51 42 20 46 42 46 4f 48 56 20 45 48 49 52 55 48 20 5a 48 20 46 52 58 4f 47 20 4b 52 53 48 20 57 52 20 45 48 4a 4c 51 20 57 4b 48 20 4a 55 48 44 57 20 50 4c 4a 55 44 57 4c 52 51 2e

tri date 116.1.7 -=DSRG=- HQ Vorgus 2

Today the first 2 repair ships have been placed on Operational Standby condition.

These ships were created for the sole purpose of restoring structural integrity of any CP`s or station after a Conlux bombing raid.

The 2 ships are stationed in the following station sectors

DSRG-r-QC in Quantar Core

DSRG-r-OP in Octavia Outpost

The ships are fully equipped with a maximal capacity in repairbeams.

Deployment access is given to of course -=DSRG=- personel and also to squadron DWoC

*Note to TRI-Officials*
If any awards are issued to these ships please wait till an After Action Report is filed so that the award can be accredited to the right pilot flying the ship during the attack and aftermath


clanlord XO -=DSRG=-

Corridor Station

I launched intending on doing more common-ore mining but saw a battle marker in Quantar Core sector, so I turned around and docked my Khamsin at The Stone Temple and switched to my Phoon.

I caught the tail end of a pretty significant Conflux incursion in QC, with the target apparently being the RB-2 Custom Producer.  There were several waves of conflux drones ranging from C14 Nauts down to lowly C0 Jellyfish.

While we were occupied with the drones, the sentient C14 made a bombing run on the CP.  I pealed away and burned all of my FFs to catch up to it, but we were unable to destroy the sent before it had landed its nuke on the CP.  Fortunately there were enough defender to discourage too many runs and the CP sustained only light damage.

Once it was clear that the sentient activity was done, I switched gears and decided to crank up Synthetics production at Corridor.  I headed back to Ekoos and The Stone Temple for a freighter.  I grabbed a load of Carbon that the Brotherhood had in storage on the station and then headed to GBS for more Carbon, Nitrogen and Water.

The trips to GBS and then back to Corridor were completely uneventful.  Once at Corri, I docked and waited as the servos emptied my holds.  Almost immediately, the production facility there began producing Synthetics.

Mission accomplished. Farishaba ‘at Hamalzah!

tri date 116.1.5
-=DSRG=- headquarters

At last i`m back where i belong.
After a few months of mining under the quantar and solrain factions i`m finally back to my beloved Octavia.
Today the headquarters in Vorgus 2 was rebuild , or at least the first stages of it , main structure and hanger are operational and the first of my ships are waiting on the deck for me.

Flight testing on the first repair droid continues and DWoc has offered to do flight testing on the second droid that was activated today.
With their resources they can do the testing a whole lot faster than i can do with my skeletal crew.

Still a lot of work to do before all the droids are completed and ready for deployment but i never ran away from long term projects.

Not yet ready to get back into the artifact trade but that will be soon

now to sort through all the reports on my desk .
Sheez just got in and already swamped by paperwork.