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The following was recovered from a PC-DSS3 “Good” disc provided by pilot Hifly.  There is a bit of corruption, but it is clesarly an account from the Second GVB War.  What I don’t know if this is a first-hand account, or from a much later re-telling or history text.  I don’t think there is any truly new information here:

ÿ€y!€ž 0fèB ^ Èž”!ÐCé+é»ôHÌ,ÔØ2€L&*H$_ZêVï¦Þ™Ê:o½’t îv!¿›‚Á’T¶±j=‰¡va´n¡ ¦¿ªGð oýŠ2l²þßQ ÈŒ#Éf½ ‡ d =-¯Y¸ä!åµ°Êc´xT ÔA.P¬”°¥x«³ –u Ù’‡ u”/2¨ n [Œ%¿ ï„Ê!Öë OÉšîIà÷ eo‰ }ÈiÈænêÅ[\ØM ¡Øú/ž?.U kÉ £ý1‚ í0‚ é 00y1 0 U US1 0 U Rednd1 0 U on1#0! U MicIt was mere months froxxxxxxxxxxon… when Hyperial struck without warning. They stoxxxd GVB Sector to the surprise of all, their modified and twisted versions of Factional ships ripping through the nearly complexxxxxxxxxxxpot. ù ,? ª3 ,Qt§ v ¯ç1 ˆ ¶GßdE ÊoâÚ¼]¨…A%S§ÁW­ÂúK”}hƒR¦ã€„œ¦ js@”;8ß*(õ¿cG„nvÅU Ìf ‹Û·uù €­ê©h¯.6—%¡ñ¡sˆk†Ï6Åã’kïžÒÕ%Íï² [j°C¸>æxßøNM6ÿÃ’  ø»٨.¨OЍ.¾4/ÉÞY˜NMU ¶7s’«£[á7′ ]Å “³Á- ;Î5¿ ñÐo”æˆ

It was upon 86.10.28 AT that Hyperial got their answer… When the massed Quantar warships entered onxxxxxxxxxxxxxacred Territory of GVB. The battle was hard within this sector, and Hyperial attempted to abandon their rebuilt station. However, Intelligence knew that they were also holding countless captured Quxxxxxxxarriors within the Station. Just as Quantar was preparing to liberate the station…its greatest fear was realized whexxxxxxxxation erupted in Flame and Horror. The Hypexxxxxxxxd self-destructed the station along with all of the Quantar War Prisoners.

As the Hyperial transports cont Å KWò•BœñóïîㆠVšðS#…*¤‚ “â” òâNøŒ ¡Êè Â¥’NÈ ҏr•*qm› ø ðSÖgÌ”ÿ\ Í¢Œ½’²ycVD¢QÍùé£XVÝ› ED/_ôÚ®Ô‚2nü¤• äëiç©¢,¾È+ eŽ™Ûõ¢ú