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Stone Temple/Ekoo’s Stop – Between my continuing non-flight duties to the order and recent political turmoils, I had found little time to be in the cockpit for the last few days.  As usual, the Cartography Holo in the Stone Temple control center showed that beacons had not been maintained.  Calling up my Ranger, I headed to the Hangar Deck.

I was not feeling particularly lucky this day, so I decided to forego installing my treasured level-three Artifact Engine Booster.  I had ended my last flight — a couple of days before — as Honor Guard, which meant that I was still registered as such.  It was just as well – in case I ran across any beacon tuned by Oct of Sol factionalists. Read More


Stone Temple/Ekoo’s Stop

My head swam from the smell of incense and my knees ached from kneeling on the hard stone floor of the chapel. Deeply troubled by the turmoil created by recent Synergy actions against our Brothers, I spent most of the last couple of days in solitude, looking for answers. Some things had resolved themselves to some degree . . . others had not. Synergy had been moved to WAR status, but did not seem to be flying in any organized fashion, there were simply random acts of piracy and violence from individual Synergy pilots.

I walked down a deserted hallway from the Chapel towards ST Control. Upon entering the room, I first made myself a cup of strong coffee and then sat down heavily in my well-used leather chair and swiveled it towards the Cartography Holo in the center of the room. Using the control pad and trackball on the arm of my chair, I set the display to show beacon status. As usual these days the beacons were in complete disarray, most of them completely offline and showing gray. I quickly overlaid squad status on the holo and saw just one Brother in-flight — SlimPickns was in-flight . . . probably finding artifacts by the dozen as usual. Read More