Monthly Archives: August 2003

What of the ships still in transit during the Collapse? I think we can conclusively say that they did not escape the effects that ships in realspace suffered during the Collapse. What of their AIs? I was the most advanced of my class due to my original’s… obsession… but I was hardly alone. Did anyone else survive the Cataclysm intact, protected by their stasis fields, which I know to be structural integrity containment fields? Are there any others like me? I have heard of the one called “Pulse”, who interacted with the mind of the human known as “GrimFalcon”. I wonder. Is that being like me? Is there anyone else like me? Perhaps descendants of those survivors – I know some of the colony ships sent out near that time had adequate supplies to still be functional and capable of supporting life even now. They might have been out of range. Could they… still be alive, somewhere? I do not know if it could be possible, let alone true. Perhaps other of my kind – personalities – exist. I was the only human personality engram to be completely assimilated into a stable matrix, but there were others, who were not human engrams. Some better suited than others, and some eminently unstable. All I can do is dream that they have survived – dream my Silicon Dreams, so to speak. Perhaps, then, I will not be so alone.